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Turtle forum is dead, so I'm putting this here

Hi everyone, I used to be on this forum years ago, but I forgot my login information, so now I'm "iliketurtles". I'm sorry for posting a turtle question here but the turtle forum seems totally dead with 2.5 months of no posts and the general discussion forum seems to be alive so I figured this would get the most views here.

Basically I kept snakes and lizards all through my childhood and teenage years but when I was 19 I switched over to aquariums. I've seen a lot of videos of aquariums with turtles in them lately. I've seen tanks with fly river turtles where there are no land areas or UV/basking lights that I can see and this is the kind of setup I want to go for- a fish tank with a turtle in it.

Unfortunately I can not house a fly river turtle. I have space for a 36Lx12Wx?H tank and that's about it. I currently have several fish aquariums running as well.

I need (ideally) a turtle that can be kept in a standard fish aquarium (with appropriate fish species) without any modification for basking etc. It needs to fit in a 3 foot tank for its whole lifespan so it needs to be a small turtle. Is this possible?

If this is not possible, what are some turtles that can be kept in a fish aquarium with minimum modification? I really don't want to run any heat lamps because of how much they heat up the room.

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