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Garter Snake Sorority?

Hello there y'all! This is my first post on the forums but I have been into reptile keeping for I would say 10 years now. So my question to y'all is, can several Garter Snakes be held in captivity together if they are raised together as well as fed separately? I am posting here as I have seen very mixed answers on several different sites. Thank y'all for your time!
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Re: Garter Snake Sorority?

There is a website, Snake Discovery and they have a tank with four garter females in it that are all about the same size. I love her videos - they are on YouTube - type in garter snake and videos should come up on her mansion of a cage and her garter babies. I would love to do a set up similar to hers with female garters of the same size and age.

I am hoping other, more experienced keepers will reply to the thread with the pros and cons of a community same sex garter tank...I have read that babies feed better with companions around.
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Re: Garter Snake Sorority?

Welcome to the forum Snakechipz! Glad to have you here
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Re: Garter Snake Sorority?

Welcome! Many garter keepers keep same-sex groups of garters together, including males. The Thamnophis forum is a great resource.

I keep two female garters together and they’re often in the same hide together. Make sure they’re of similar size and always, always be careful when you feed them. They will go after the same piece of food and one may end up eating the other! I’ve broken up one such scenario very early in the process.

I tong feed my snakes individually but in the same tank. I always watch like a hawk.

A few garter species are known for being cannibalistic, although it’s always a possibility regardless of the species, so do your research.

Good luck!
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garter snake, help and advice

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