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Some folks have all the luck...

"Look what followed me home. Can I keep him?" That's apparently not what this woman said.

Regardless of whether it was legal or illegal, I would have simply kept the snake and not reported it. I suppose some people just don't appreciate their good luck.
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Re: Some folks have all the luck...

Sorry, but by stating something like this, you are not thinking. Australian wildlife is generally protected and not allowed to export. Never mind that it is probably a very common snake and can be found quite often, it is still illegal to export it.

If you were (un-) fortunate to find one in your shoe back at home and would just keep it, you could get yourself in all kind of trouble. This snake is for all intents and purposes a WC, so you have to treat it like one, taking feces samples, most likely a visit by a vet is necessary for treatment against internal parasites like worms. So the vet might ask you where you got this python from and if you canít answer this question to his satisfaction he might inform the local authorities. Or you simply post a picture of your new pet and somebody sees it and starts to ask questions. Even worse, it would not only being you who got the blame, but it would spill on all of us as well, this is just the kind of ammunition what animal right groups love to have for blaming all reptile keepers.

So if you ever find yourself in this situation, go the legal way, inform your local authorities about it and maybe you can even keep the snake legally.
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Re: Some folks have all the luck...

That snake looks so cute! I'm glad the woman did the right thing and report her findings. Maybe it could fit in the shoe because it was young.
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