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ball python escaped

iíve had my ball python for two years and i finally experienced an escaped snaked. it was unfortunately my fault as to why she escaped and iíve already corrected it so it will not happen again. the problem is i noticed the following morning she was gone, luckily i found her within 10 minutes in our sump pump. i believe she escaped in the middle of the night and found her in the afternoon. so she could have been out for up to 10 hours. when i found her she was half submerged and caught around the pump. the water was freezing and she was extremely cold, to the point when she flicked her tongue it moved super slow and was darker than usually. i craddled her in warm towels for an hour, reheated the towels every 5 minutes and i had her under the heat lamp for a couple minute intervals. while she was warming up i noticed while she exhaled she sometimes would make a sound, nothing to out of the normal but you can tell it was her exhaling. at first she was completely in shock than after the hour she was back to full mobility and alert. my concern is can there be a negative impact from her being that cold for an extended amount of time. could have been 1 hour or 8. i donít see many signs of a RI yet. should their be any other concerns other than an RI? whatís the top symptoms? i have a reptile vet 30 mins away, i was gonna call on monday if i saw signs of an RI or anything else. should i give her a bath next week to maybe get some germs off her? the sump pump area is kind of dirty but just the average basement corner dirt. my first scary situation and i feel so bad and so overwhelmed i donít know what do or think. since i put her back sheís been under the hot hide, i have seen her out and about lastnight like she was back to good health. thanks!
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Re: ball python escaped

I'm happy to hear you found her. If I had to guess, I'd say she's fine. Snake's handle cold much better than hot. I would just keep an eye on her and as long as you don't see anything to worry about I think she'll be fine.
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Re: ball python escaped

It's cool she is fine. Too bad your story has no photos.
What does sump pump mean? As far as I have understood it's a hole in the ground outside a house where is collected gray water from sinks and toilets or it's just water in a basement ??
I think she will be fine. Just watch her symptoms.
Sorry my English Feel free to correct my mistakes.
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