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Question Need advice on my snakes behavior

Hello, so I just joined this site because my snake is acting kinda strange, I've only ever owned 1 snake so I'm not that experienced and hoped some one could help.

So I have an albino/candy cane morph corn snake, 2 years old, I'm not sure gender/sex, possibly female judging by the tail shape but I've always called him "he." So he's always been a very even tempered snake, never hissed at me, only ever rattled his tail twice since I've had him (since he was a baby.) The only thing is he gets anxious if I hold him too long but never aggressive.

Just now I was feeding him and went to pick him up to put him in the feeding tank and he bit me, didnt leave a mark, but I went to pick him up again and he went towards me like he was going to strike. And he was kind of coiled with his tail up in an aggressive position so I just fed him in his tank.

Is there any reason he is acting like this suddenly? I dont know if this is a stupid question but he's never acted like this before so I don't know what's up with him. Any help is much appreciated.
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Re: Need advice on my snakes behavior

Snakes have a great sense of smell. Your snake knows the mouse is nearby when you go to move it. Unfortunately, by choosing to feed your snake outside its normal cage, you've conditioned it to expect food when you pick it up when it smells mouse. Thus, your snake strikes at you because it expects food and thinks your hand might be food.

If you'd like to stop getting bit, feed the snake in its cage. If you are feeding in a separate cage to prevent it from eating dirt, don't worry about it. My cornsnakes are on coconut coir and they swallow a small amount with each feeding. The dirt annoys the snakes a little, they move their mouths to try to dislodge it, but they pass it just fine.
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Re: Need advice on my snakes behavior

Welcome to the forum! I agree with chairman; your snake is just confused and is mistaking your hand for a mouse.
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Re: Need advice on my snakes behavior

Your question has already been answered. You got bit because you use a seperate feeding tub. Seperate feeding tubs are old school and proven counter productive over time. There is literally ZERO benefit to feeding in a seperate feeding tub.

Feed inside the enclosure...problem solved
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