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Exclamation Savannah monitor troubles

So i got my savannah monitor about 5 months ago and he has been up and down with activity. His substrate went from reptile mat (green felt) to calci sand(turned him black) to now topsoil. He seems to be doing much better with it but now I am running into another issue. He used to hide 24/7 under the green mat so i swapped it for calci sand. I had to change that because it stuck to him alot and he would be covered head to toe in mud and then muck up his water in about 10 minutes. I switched him from that to topsoil. There are alot of sticks and mulch in it(organic) and the other day im not entirely sure but i believe he may have swallowed a stick along with his mealworm. I didnt see it fall out of his mouth but i didnt have a good angle on it. He may well have eaten it . I have a few questions. One, will that hurt him if he did? Two, wouldnt he spit it out if he knew it wasnt a bug? Three, can he digest it? Also i had a couple questions about substrate and temperatures and consistency of "spritzing" the tank. He has been really lazy for the past couple of days, he is currently just laying with his legs pushed behind him on his log hide. He will bask for around 5 minutes at a time and then just go lay around. Or he will go down into his log burrow and sit there most of the day. (For all intents and purposes im calling him he because i dont know if hes a he or a she and hes growing fairly quickly.) His diet consisted of only crickets until i got the bright advice for the wrong monitor to put him on ground turkey egg and reptomin to supplement the crickets. I saw he was getting fat so i only feed him turkey occasionally. 1 time like every week and a half. Otherwise he eats crickets, some occasional mealworms(he honestly has had more than he probably should have in the past few days as an attempt to break him of his aggression) and waxworms. He is really bloated and is really lazy lately and he has me worried. Could this be related to the stick he may or may not have eaten? Maybe two many mealworms? His basking spot is about 110, his cool gradient is between 83-88 depending on where you check and his ambient temperature i would say is probably the same. He has a water bowl, like i said a half log bark hide thing that i have semi buried. He is currently in a fish tank style terrarium which has ventilation on the side at the top, but i keep the top mostly covered to keep heat and moisture in. He does shed a little awkwardly and his face refuses to and has for nearly a month so he has a dirty face all the time, besides that he seems to be doing okay. He is about a foot long head to tip of tail. Did i mention the lethargy dissappears when i reach in there? Lol it turns into pure hatred and aggression and a fiery passion to beat me to death with his tail(mostly joking) I hope i put enough info. None of the pictures i upload will work so yeah.... Im on a cell phone and it doesnt like them.
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