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Help carpet python enclosure

Hello everyone I built a new enclosure for my jungle jag carpet python and itís 4x2x2 and I wanted some nice wood in there without paying a fortune so I found some local driftwood and I was told to bake it. Well truth be told my lady would have a fit if I started baking wood in the brand new oven... so I came up with the idea to make my own oven with cinder blocks.. I basically created a fire inside waited for it to die down to coals put a grate about 2 ft on top of coals and had my wood in there covered with an inside temp of 250-300 degrees. The issue is my wood now smells sort of Smokey and I was wondering if this would affect my carpet or if itís nothing to worry about. Thanks everyone
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Re: Help carpet python enclosure

As long as wood is collected from an area that is pesticide free and it has been given enough time for any microparasites to die off then baking or otherwise treating wood is completely unnecessary. I'm not sure what smokey smells or fumes would do to a snake, but I wouldn't be using it myself. Hopefully others will chime in to give their opinion as well.
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Re: Help carpet python enclosure

Personally, I've never understood why so many folks think it's necessary to bake, boil, or otherwise sterilize rocks or wood. Overall the chances are minimal that anything significant may be lurking inside a piece of wood, considerably less for rocks.
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Re: Help carpet python enclosure

I was just told to disinfect them so I came up with my own solution. Iím just worried about the smoke smell inside my enclosure
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