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Question Fruit Flies in My Gecko's Food

Hello. I'm new to these forums, and I need some help. There are fruit flies breeding inside of my crested gecko's food. I can see the weird little squiggly larvae, and it's disgusting . I love worms and other wiggly buddies (that most would consider to be gross), but these ones are not welcome. The flies are now invading my room. Should I just set a trap, wait for all the adult ones to die, and hope that they don't keep breeding? Like, an adult might lay some eggs in the food and then die in the trap, but then there's a whole new generation of them who could do the same thing. My crestie is not eating them, which I hoped that she might. Lol. But still, I need to get rid of these guys. I know about some home remedies I can make to kill the adult ones, but then the problem I described before might happen. Maybe it will slowly diminish the population, but I really don't know. I'm planning on setting a trap and hoping for the best. Anything else I should do?
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Re: Fruit Flies in My Gecko's Food

Fruit flies are attracted to damp conditions and organic matter. Lizard poop, dead feeder insects, old vegetables, etc. will ensure that you always have fruit flies around. Many herp rooms have frequent fruit fly infestations. To get rid of them, you must be meticulous about housekeeping- remove uneaten food and gecko droppings immediately. To trap them, you could put some bait- pangea, dead mealworms, etc- in a solo cup with a lid. Poke a hole in the lid, you'll attract fruit flies. In addition, you could hang fly paper above your bait, or anywhere else that fruit flies congregate.
Personally, I trap the fruit flies and then feed them to my mourning geckos.
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