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Unhappy Snake Ecscaped Help me Please

On May 8th I got a pet Arizona Mountian King He was. Baby and not even a week later he ecscaped he isn't use to me he never even ate when we had him
It's been 6 weeks and we haven't found him although last night in my room I hear something squeak across the wall I though it was my tortoise but he was asleep I looked in my gopher snakes cage he was asleep all me my pets where asleep even my lizards and turtles
My beds a loft I have a vent close to the ground leading to the furnace in my laundry room I have a way into the wall I do have a baby puppy but she doesn't kill snakes when ever she goes on walks and sees them she never attacks them

So tell me where you've found urs in ur house and methods I'll keep u guys updated
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Old 06-21-18, 03:52 PM   #2 (permalink)
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Re: Snake Ecscaped Help me Please

I'm not trying to be negative mate, but at this point I think the only thing to do is move on. I'm certainly not saying you'll never see your snake again, but nothing you can do will help you find it. It's been so long that there's no way to even narrow down where it could be. If you find it, it will just be some random time that you'd never have expected.

For future reference, if a snake escapes, seal all the exits (vents, cracks under the doors, etc.) as soon as possible.

However, if you'd like to try some methods...leave some water out, put it's enclosure on the ground with some heat in it to attract it maybe. You could always try leaving some funnel traps out.
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Re: Snake Ecscaped Help me Please

I understand it sucks but I'm fine with not finding him I just don't want him outside
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Re: Snake Ecscaped Help me Please

Keep an eye out but I have had some snakes never to be seen again and some that I did find but usually if I found them it wasn't that long but I have heard of some incredible stories. Most important is to secure cages better so it doesn't happen again.
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Re: Snake Ecscaped Help me Please

I think it probably knows you're trying to find it, and it's hiding from you.
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