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MacsHerps 04-27-18 09:22 PM

whites tree frog won't eat!!!
so i really need help my whites tree frog will not eat i got him 14 days ago and he hasn't eaten 1 single time. he hasn't shown any interest at all. i've tried crickets,mealworms,hornworms and wax worms. i've offered them all on tongs and i've tried leaving a few in at night but he hasn't eaten anything he isn't too energetic either he spends almost all his time in the top corner of the viv behind some leafs. i keep his temperatures at 80/82 fahrenheit during the day and about 65-70 at night and his humidity is always 40-60%. i don't know what to do anymore :confused:

SerpentineDream 04-30-18 11:11 PM

Re: whites tree frog won't eat!!!
I suspect your frog isn't eating for a few reasons.

Worms don't really move around very much and White's tree frogs have to see their prey moving around to be able to see and track it. Mine don't really go for worms either, but they will jump all the way across the terrarium to grab a cricket. Some also have different preferences, like Dubia roaches.

How big is your frog? You want to make sure his prey is appropriately sized for him.

Also, what is your terrarium like? They like roomy, vertically oriented cages with lots of vines, live or fake plants to climb on. They also need places to hide, like a coconut hut or a magnetic hide mounted on the glass.

He should be inactive during the day as this species is mostly nocturnal. The real fun starts when the night light comes on. Even then they spend some time perfectly still so they can ambush prey.

Your terrarium may be too hot. I keep mine at 76 to 78 during the day and let it drop to around 70 at night.

Your humidity may also be on the low side. Just a bit of a bump to 70% might do the trick. This is easier to do with the right substrate. I live where humidity drops into the teens and single digits and get around it by putting clay balls on the bottom, then covering with plastic mesh. Then comes a layer of EcoEarth (coconut dirt) thick enough for me to plant stuff and add burrowing insects to keep the cage clean. On top of that, a layer of undyed New Zealand sphagnum moss. I water it every so often to make sure moisture continues to wick upward from the bottom layer. A water dish big enough for him to soak in is also important.

If you think he might be sick, a trip to the vet or at least a fecal test (if you can get one, since he's not eating well) might be in order.

Mine can actually go a while between feedings. They're adults though. Your frog should have a small ridge over his eyes. If there is no ridge at all he's skinny. If there's a huge ridge he's too fat.

Hope some of that helps.

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