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BP vs. Corn snake

I was looking to get my first snake, and I wanted to know everyone's opinion on which is a better first snake: ball python or corn snake. I'd like to hear thinks like looks, size, price of feeding or terrariums. Any information y'all can think of would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: BP vs. Corn snake

I've never been a fan of ball pythons personally. Corns are simple easier to maintain as far as housing setup and general maintenance. More active, like most colubrids, though if you want a snake that seldom moves when handled they're not that. I have a pair of Halmahera Island ground boas that are as generally inactive as ball pythons. Smaller adult size, actually quite slow-growing, never been struck at or bitten by either one, yet they strike like lightning when it's feeding day.
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Re: BP vs. Corn snake

I don't think k either have difficult husbandry requirements. Balls are less active but easier to handle. Baby colubrids are squirmy little things until they get bigger. My sons milk didn't calm down until maybe a year old and it is till a mover when held.
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Re: BP vs. Corn snake

Since you made basically the same thread twice, I commented on the other....
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Re: BP vs. Corn snake

You have multiple of the same thread. Please use the one left open.
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