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EL Ziggy 02-23-18 08:22 PM

The Others
I love all my critters.

Nigel is probably 5ft and close to 1500g now. He was 1300g at his last weigh in back in December. He's growing well and I'm really looking forward to seeing him in another year or 2.

She-Ra is still the queen of my serpents. She's a tad under 8ft and just the sweetest thing ever.

MDT 02-23-18 08:53 PM

Re: The Others
Dude.. that bull is phe-nom-e-nal!!!!!! Very very nice :)

Jim Smith 02-23-18 11:09 PM

Re: The Others
Both beautiful snakes. Your Bull Snake is a beautiful beast, and the photo of your Olive doesn't do it justice.

EL Ziggy 05-11-18 01:10 PM

Re: The Others
Nigel is about 1700g now. Growing like a weed.

S'ven is still my slowest growing critter but soon he'll be one of my largest snakes.

A little jungle love

I call this shot Beauty and the Beast :)

EL Ziggy 05-11-18 09:00 PM

Re: The Others
They NEVER stay still when they're outside their enclosures.

MDT 05-11-18 09:40 PM

Re: The Others
Zig, I love the tipping on your JCP, and the iridescence on the olive is insane. Very nice!

EL Ziggy 08-08-18 10:16 AM

Re: The Others
Boas and Pythons

And one more on the way.

ClockwerkBonnet 08-08-18 04:15 PM

Re: The Others
These are all pretty snakes, Ziggy!

Scubadiver59 08-11-18 07:36 AM

Re: The Others
Iíve been posting for a bit more than a year, but I havenít seen this next question posted...where did you get your user name from, EZ?

toddnbecka 08-11-18 11:47 AM

Re: The Others
Awesome snakes! Is your jungle a female? Looks quite like my big one that's never been sexed. I was thinking female due to the relative girth, then my ex-wife brought me a dozen carpets and boas to house temporarily for her. A couple of the female carpets are about the same length as my jungle, but maybe half the girth. Got me thinking I was feeding that one too much/often, so I cut way back on the feeding schedule. Still a quite a bit heavier than the others, but looks like not too much more than yours from the pics.

EL Ziggy 08-13-18 10:44 AM

Re: The Others
# TnB- I have a male and a female jungle. The male is the critter I'm holding on the pic with the Coastal. The female is the one I'm holding in the pic with my son and the one with just me and the criter.

daisymaisy 08-16-18 09:21 PM

Re: The Others
Very nice snakes! They look great. The kid is a nice addition to the collection as well :)

Noh 08-17-18 01:56 AM

Re: The Others
I love your boas! They're all so beautiful.

EL Ziggy 08-17-18 08:15 AM

Re: The Others
I did go with a different BCO at the last minute. This girl arrived a few days ago. She's a little hissy but I LOVE her markings.

Wama 08-18-18 01:20 PM

Re: The Others
Helluva collection...... Very niiiiice

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