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Red face Needing some information please

Hi, I have a few questions, we just recently got a 5 year old Jaguar carpet python she is 6-7ft long at STL reptile show , she is very beautiful.. one of my questions is she blows mouth or nose bubbles not all the time but since we have gotten her which has only been a few days I've seen her do it three times. I am concerned it may be RI!? is this normal? another question I have is, I got her a rat and she won't eat it, is this normal? I know it's a new home and if it's normal to give her some IMEI to adjust, How much time do I give her? and my last question I have she makes like a hissing sound when she exhales , I was thinking it's because she is a large snake, am I wrong or is this RI? there is still some stuff I need to get for her new home and wondering what the temp should be on hot and what temp should be on cold? also how do you get the humidity right? ok I'm done asking so much lol just want her to be ok so if anyone can give me some advice I'd greatly appreciate it thank you
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Re: Needing some information please

You should definitely consider a vet if you suspect an RI. It sounds like the early signs of one.
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Re: Needing some information please

Definitely sounds suspicious, I’ve never had any of my snakes blow bubbles so I’d be going to see a vet...

Sorry I can’t help on the specific temps for Capet pythons unfortunately, they’re not something I personally keep... good luck, hopefully you get the little guy sorted out...
Cheers, Jamie.
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Re: Needing some information please

If she's blowing bubbles I'd definitely take her to a vet. As far as temps go a hot spot of 88-90 and an ambient temp of 82 would be ideal.
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Re: Needing some information please

THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. Also, consider contacting the seller/breeder for any help that they can offer. See if the animal is still under a health guarantee and let them know right away that the animal is symptomatic with a possible RI. Most breeders will have a terms of service that includes info on ill animals, it can vary considerably from 24 hrs to 72 hrs. In any case they need to know of the issues so they can make a determination/ consideration.
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Re: Needing some information please

Had my BCC looked at by a vet this weekend for possible RI...$425 for the visit and medicine. I now have 23 shots--two different antibiotics and a anti-inflammatory--to give over the next 27 days, not to mention baths, and a lot of newspaper. At least I don't have to feed it for the next month....
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Re: Needing some information please

wow 425$ that's a lot.
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