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Smile Complete newbie on types of lights for snakes

Hello ssnakess forum. I'm planning to buy a pet ball python from a friend but I'm really new and confused with the different types of lightings and heatings. What are uvb, red bulb, blue bulb, etc? I am living in east asia and i with that, i don't think my place will be too cold for thr snake. Usual temp from morning till afternoon is 32-33deg and 26-27 at night. Which lights do i need to buy? I'm planning to get one for the night since it gets colder. I heard it's red? Also, our kwh rate here is kinda high so I'm hoping there's one that's around 15w only? Will it suffice? Thanks!
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Re: Complete newbie on types of lights for snakes

You don't need a light at all, as long as your room has access to natural sunlight. Use a UTH (Under tank heater) to heat your ball python. A reptile thermostat and probe will make sure the temperatures don't go to high. Your ball python will live perfectly happy and healthy without UVB lighting, but some people have found more success using it. It is up to you whether or not you want to provide it. No your place doesn't get to cold, just make sure to provide a constant hot spot, and a cool spot to allow your snake to thermoregulate its temperature. Don't hesitate to ask any more questions.
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Re: Complete newbie on types of lights for snakes

DJC hit the important points but I thought I would address your bulb color question.

An infared red light is able to emit it's radiant heat a bit further from the bulb and at the same time not as visibly bright. You may see posted a snake can't see red so it is great to use at night. That way it doesn't disturb the snakes sleep pattern. I will tell you all of my ball pythons and my Burmese Python can see the red dot of a laser on their cage floor. Now a 1 mW laser dot does produce 1 mW of heat. Are they picking up the heat dot or the light? I do not know that question. Regardless a snake I believe would have an easier time sleeping under a red light due to it being more subtle.

The blue and white bulbs do not emit radiant heat downward quite as effective as an infared bulb but they still get plenty hot. Scalding hot actually. The blue bulb is suppose to mimic daylight and the white is just your standard light.

Hope that answered your questions.
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