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Unhappy I am worried about my snake

Hey Guy's
I am worried sick about my snake. She is a 1.20 cali kingsnake But she did not eat today. And she has been a hanger strike a couple of weeks ago the hungerstrike was around 6 weeks. Then she ate two small rats and today i fed her a middle sized rat and she did not took it. She went under her shelter in like a minute. List of thing that i use for my terraria
- plantation soil from exo terra
- a 100 watt heat lamp
-an upside down bowl as a shelter
- a piece of wood as shelter
- a string of fake plants for climbing.
Is this good?
And my snake has been blowing out her breath through her nose. Because my bedding gets in her nose holes sometimes. Sometimes she sneezes But she doesnt have any bubbels in her mouth.

Greets Mike
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Re: I am worried about my snake

I wouldn't worry about her going off her feed for a few weeks, but I would highly recommend that you keep a very close eye on her breathing as you watch for a possible Upper Respiratory Infection (URI). If her breathing continues to be louder than normal or you hear small squeaking or see bubbles from her nose, then you should try to find a vet that can treat reptiles for a diagnosis and treatment.
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Re: I am worried about my snake

I don't use the commercial substrate mixes but I know some of the coco fiber based ones can be very dusty if not used with higher humidity leading to discomfort, annoying dust everywhere, and respiratory problems sometimes. They aren't suggested straight dry in many cases. I only add coco fiber (in giant inexpensive blocks from the garden store) for my crested geckos that are about 60% humidity most of the day with misting for an 80-90% spike every night. They also don't live on the ground. All the colubrids I use heavier soil mixes and fully composted plant material instead.
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