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Wild California Kingsnake

Hello, everyone.

My coworker came to work yesterday with a glass jar with some holes poked in the lid... I asked what was in there, and much to my surprise it was a tiny kingsnake. She said her cats had found him in the morning and she wasn't sure what to do with him. I am experienced in caring for most animals, except for snakes... I know the basics, though... so I asked if I could make him a bit more comfortable -- now I've found myself completely responsible for this little guy!
I'm not too keen on keeping wild animals as pets unless necessary. Not too sure what to do in this situation.
He seems okay, a few minor puncture wounds from the cats but he is alert and moving just fine, if a little jerky. I set him up in a big sterilite tub with some holes and a layer of coco-husk I had laying around, as well as some hides.. I've been trying to manage a temperature gradient for him but could use some suggestions.
Ideally, my plan would be to give him a good meal or two and keep him comfortable while he recovers from his ordeal before I find a good place to set him free.
The main reason I've never owned a snake is because I love rodents xD I'm assuming he's big enough to eat pinkies, but he does look pretty small. Is there something more appropriate to feed him? Frozen or live? How? His head is about the size of my pinky. I am more than willing to keep him if necessary, but again not really my hope for him. Would really love some suggestions/help!

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Re: Wild California Kingsnake

If I were in your situation, I would release the snake as soon as possible, as long as it doesn't have any life threatening injuries. It should be released in appropriate habitat near where it was found; near but not directly in your co-workers yard would be ideal.
I understand wanting to feed it a couple of times, but odds are, a tiny wild kingsnake may not eat frozen/thawed rodents anyways. In the wild, they usually get their start eating little snakes and lizards. In this case, it is probably best to take it back and release it.
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Re: Wild California Kingsnake

Thanks for your reply! I ended up getting him to a wildlife rehabber as one of the wounds he had near the underside of his jaw did look a little concerning upon closer inspection. I hope he has a speedy recovery so that he can get back to slithering around in the wild like he should.
My interest has been sparked, though... the amount of research I did obsessing and making sure this little baby would be okay while he was with me sort of helped get me over my fear of feeding rodents and I'm really excited to adopt my first snake sometime soon 😀
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Re: Wild California Kingsnake

Awesome. Glad to hear you're interested in getting your own pet snake. Hope it works out for you!
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