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I can't decide

So I have been doing research and I've realized that I want a snake but I don't know which one I want. I'll answer some questions I think might be useful
-I wouldn't want a venomous snake,
- I can have up to a 90 gallon terrarium for the snake
- a snake that's handleable would be nice,
- I don't really mind much about colors, but I really do enjoy how a Brazilian rainbow boa has that fluorescence
- I don't want a snake that people would consider "overrated" as I'd like to try something different this time
-I'll be able to feed any size up to an adult rat

If there's anything else you need to know just tell me and I'll answer, thanks!
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Re: I can't decide

A 90 gallon tank should allow you space for a snake up to 5.5', depending on the floor dimensions. Tanks can be modified to house tropical snakes, but something like a PVC enclosure will probably be easier to maintain humidity in without modification on your part. Some places offer half ventilation if you ask, if you live an arid area and have a hard time keeping humidity up.

Not sure there's a species I'd call "overrated," but many easy-to-keep species can easily be housed in a tank that size. Most ball pythons, most corn snakes, dwarf boa constrictors, rosy boas, hognose snakes, etc. etc. It would help knowing more about what you want out of a snake to narrow your options down. A Brazilian rainbow boa would likely grow too large to fit in a 90 gallon or equivalent, but I believe the Colombians stay smaller.

The rainbow sheen is referred to as iridescence, most snakes have it. Even my garters are slightly iridescent, though it's difficult to see because of the keels in their scales (raised ridges in the middle of the individual scales). Iridescence is most noticeable in dark individuals with adequate hydration and viewed in the right lighting, dehydration can reduce the intensity.

Most boas at 5.5' or under won't be eating an adult rat, so you shouldn't have to worry about prey sizes too much. Most should top out at medium rats (80-150 grams) at that length.
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Re: I can't decide

48x18x24 inches is a standard 90 gallon aquarium.

In my opinion, if you're looking for something unique/not the standard I would look at some of the rat snake species. My Baird's Rat Snakes use all the height I give them (pictures can be found in the colubrid forum) and are really interesting captives that don't really get enough attention in the hobby. I keep mine in a 36x18x18 planted bioactive front opening enclosure. That size is equal to about 55 gallons of volume for comparison.

Honestly, even something as simple as a black rat snake can be really rewarding if you give it a setup that it can take advantage of (plenty of climbing). I would check out and look at their breeding projects page for an idea of a ton varieties that can be kept in a cage that size (except the beauty snakes). I particularly like their everglades rat snakes which are also pretty arboreal.

Even if you did get something popular like a corn snake, there are many natural variations that aren't standard pet show fare that might catch your eye.

Gopher snakes would also work in something that size.

Something to remember is that you don't have to max the snake out to the size of your enclosure. Sure you probably COULD keep a smaller/mid size python in something like that but it's gonna be a tight minimum size fit. Or you can keep a smaller species such as a rat snake, king, gopher, corn etc and give them more room than they need.

Good luck deciding, it's the funnest part!
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Re: I can't decide

Black milk snake. They start out tricolored as babies but gradually turn a beautiful iridescent black. They are big, muscular snakes that can sometimes top 7 feet. They are very gentle... except at feeding time.
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Re: I can't decide

Zamenis persicus if you can find one (Persian rat snake).

Absolutely bags of character - for his size the most feisty snakes I own but as they stay small this isn't an issue at all.

Baird's rat snake is another good suggestion and I'd add the Trans Pecos rat snake to the list as well and I agree the Texas black rat (Pantherophis obsoletus) is a great choice as well. My little boy has one and he's a character for sure.

As an out there choice and you my struggle to find one but a pure locality super dwarf retic should work but you'd be looking for a Madu or Kalatoa locality to be sure it stays small enough and I'm not sure if their availability in the States.

Finally look at the Anteresia sp. Things like the childrens python. Or, if you can find one, a Savu python (Liasis savuensis) - now that would be a snake to would be different. Easy to care for but far from common.
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help out, recommended?, snake

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