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The right snake for me?

It's been a while since I've had a snake, my first snake was a ball python, and I've lately been thinking about getting a snake again. The only issue is, I have no clue which would be right for me.
I'm home for weekends and I'm only at school for 6 hours on a weekday so I'll have time to handle the snake.
I have room for at most an 80 gallon terrarium.
I don't want a snake that's super "wiggly", a chill snake would be nice that moves a bit. I don't mind feeding any size rodent whether it's live or frozen thawed. I can't own a venomous snake and I don't really want one venomous either. If there's anymore questions I need to answer just tell me and I'll reply.
I've been looking at ball pythons and Brazilian rainbow boss but I'd like to find out about other snakes
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Re: The right snake for me?

Red Tails are my favorite, they get big but easy to manage in my opinion. Super chill snakes too. Just buy from a reputable breeder.
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Re: The right snake for me?

There's so many snakes that loosely fit your requirements that it is perhaps better to at least get to a shortlist.

Are there any that you've always be interested in or have a look through the forums and find some that you like the look of.

I have an eclectic mix of species that I've essentially stumbled across over time and ended up acquiring together with some from a longstanding wishlist.
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Re: The right snake for me?

Look into woma pythons. Super easy husbandry, great eaters and descent size.
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recommended?, snake

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