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Novice reptile owner needs advice for baby western hognose

Hello! First let me say I am a first time reptile owner so if my questiones are ignorant I'm sorry. I've been doing a lot of reading latelty to make sure I can be informed as possible in the care of my snake. SO yesterday I brought home a 2 month old hognose from a local reptile show. Everything I've been reading say to leave her alone for roughly 5 days to acclimate to her environment. This morning she was very active cursing her cage and tounge flicking quite a bit. Now shes seems to be asleep (2:22pm). My question is, is she hungry? I dont want to disturb her or stress her out but I'm also not sure when she ate last. I dont want her to uncomfortable, shes so tiny.
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Re: Novice reptile owner needs advice for baby western hognose

I haven't had experience with Hognoses in particular, but I would probably wait a few days before feeding. You could try to feed now but it might stress her out more. Unless she is looking really malnourished, I would wait. This might also build her appetite so that she feeds better when the time comes too. Congratulations on getting a first snake and good luck!
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Re: Novice reptile owner needs advice for baby western hognose

She is exploring her new environment. Let her settle handling and do your best not to even bother her by looking in on her. I recommend a full week...a couple days more than the 5 days you were going to go with. Don't get too hung up on when exactly she last ate either. Just an fyi that I have a fair bit of experience with these guys.
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Re: Novice reptile owner needs advice for baby western hognose

Andy_G's comments are generally spot on. I wait the same period of time for handling, but I will offer food within that time if the previous owner hadn't feed before selling, and then you will still need to wait a minimum of 2-3 days to let the food settle to avoid regurgitation before handling. They say that patience is a virtue, and here you will be tested, but the more patience you have the more you will be rewarded.
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