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(Forrest) Gumpisms

Forrest Gump
Life is like a Box of chocolates...

Forrest Dahmer
People are like a box of chocolate, YUM!

Forrest Simpson
Mmmmm, chocolate.

Forrest the Hun
Chocolate all mine!

Forrest Simmons
Chocolate is bad!, EXERCISE EXERCISE!

Forrest Rivera
People who like Chocolate..Next on 'Forrest'

Forrest Jackson
Little kids like my box of chocolates

Forrest Hefner
Keep the chocolate, lose the box.

Forrest Shakespeare
Chocolate, or no chocolate that's the question

Forrest Of Borg
All chocolates must be assimilated

Forrest Presley
Hunk a hunk of milk chocolate

Forrest Zen
I am one with the chocolate

Forrest McClain
I used to be a box of Chocolates

Forrest Ventura
Chocolates..Alll-Riighty then...

Forrest Lauper
People just wanna have chocolate

Forrest Turner
What's chocolate gotta do, gotta do with it?

DR. Forrest McCoy
Dammit Jim,I'm a doctor,not a box of chocolates

Forrest Spock
Logically speaking, we are all chocolate

Forrest Scotty
The box, she's breaking apart Capt'n

Forrest Christ
Let he without sin, eat the first chocolate

Forrest Butler
Frankly Scarlett, I don't like chocolate

Forrest O'Hara
Tommorrow, is another box of chocolates.

Forrest Lee
Fight with your inner chocolate

Forrest Clinton
I didn't inhale the cream centers

Forrest Marx
Everyone can share chocolates...equally!

Forrest Nicholson
You want chocolate, you can't handle chocolate

Forrest Copperfield
Poof, the chocolates are gone!

Forrest X
We didn't land in the box of chocolate
The box of chocolate landed on us!

Forrest the Frog
Someday we'll find it,
The chocolate connections
The plain ones,
The cream filled....and me...

Forrest Barney
I'm cream filled, you're with nuts.
We're a box of choc-o-luts

Forrest Adam
Chocolates are forbidden

Forrest Eve
Just eat one....

Forrest Moses
I command the chocolates to seperate!

Forrest Noah
2 creams, 2 nuts, 2 coconuts, 2 peanut butter

Forrest on phonics
Lief es lyk a boks uv chakolets

Forrest PsychicLine
Yes, I knew you were a chocolate

Forrest DatingGame
Bachelor number two...
if I was a piece of chocolate..
What would you fill me with?

Forrest Alimony
The Box is mine!

Forrest Adultry
You just can't have just one chocolate.

The Forrest plague
Ewww..these Chocolates are bad

Justice Forrest Thomas
I never touched her milk-duds!

Forrest Andrews
The Hills are a box of chocolates

Forrest Costello
Whose eating chocolates?

Forrest Abbot
No, who is not eating chocolate

Forrest Vader
Luke, I am your chocolate

Forrest Yoda
There is a dark chocolate,and a light chocolate.

Forrest Butthead is like a box of um..chocolates

Forrest Beavis
Heh heh, you said Box

Forrest SkeeLo
I wish I had a box of Chocolates

Forrest Trebeck
The answer:This is like a box of Chocolate
The Question:What is Life...

Forrest Hillary
Hey Bill...those are my Chocolates!

Forrest Fudd
Wife is wike a box uv chocowates

Forrest Calvin
It's not a box of chocolates,
It's a transmogrifying ray!!

The Forrest Zone
There is another dimension,
beyond that which is known to man,
It's a dimension of cream-filled bon-bons,
Or nutty carmel turtles,
and it lies in the white cardboard box,
in the pit of my lap.
It is a candy coated center of comparision,
And it is a place we call, The Forrest Zone.

Forrest Latin
ifela sia a oxba foa hocolatesa

Forrest Lincoln
Forescore and several chocolates ago

Forrest Satan
Life is a box of melted chocolates

Forrest Churchlady
Chocolates...well, isn't that special

Forrest Bond
Life's a box of exploding chocolate

Forrest '95
The box is the same,
The chocolates are upgraded....

Forrest Lennon
Imagine there's no chocolate.

Forrest Hall
Will you take the Box of Chocolates...
or what's behind CURTAIN NUMBER TWO?

Forrest Press your Luck
Box of Chocolates! No Whammies...STOP!

Forrest of Fortune

Forrest Popeye
I yam a box of eg eg eg

Forrest Ross
Life is a happy little box of chocolates

Forrest Stooges
Look Chocolates....nyuk nyuk nyuk
Scram Wise guy **BOINK**
Leave him Alone Moe!
Oh, you want in on it too...**SLAP**/CRASH/

Forrest Reagan
Life is a box of um.....

Forrest Bush
This will not be another Box of Chocolates!

Forrest Fued
Life is like a...?
Box of Chocolates...
Oh Good Answer..Good Answer!
Box of chocolates...SURVEY SAYS?

Forrest Schwarzenegger
Chocolate'll be back!

Agent Forrest Mulder
The Chocolate is out there!
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That was alot to read!
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lmao love the jeopardy one, the meaning of life hehe
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