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Drevj12 10-03-17 09:28 AM

Need help with a few breeders/vendors
Hello all. I'm currently in the market for a rat snake, a beauty snake, or a black racer. I've been seeing a few nice prices online but some of the sellers don't have much information available online. I was wondering if some of you might have some info or experience with them. The ones I've been looking at are ReptMart,, and Snakes at Sunset. I've also seen some nice snakes on Underground Reptiles and Backwater Reptiles. But it seems like all the reviews are polar opposites. Some praise them as amazing businesses and some condemn them and say they shouldn't be in business at all. So I don't know what's really true here. If anybody can provide some information I'd be grateful. Thanks.

Jim Smith 10-04-17 10:14 PM

Re: Need help with a few breeders/vendors
Since I have never purchased any animals from the breeders/vendors you listed, I will not be able to comment on any of them. One word of caution though, depending on which state you live in, there may be laws preventing you from owning some species. I highly recommend that you check with your state DNR prior to making your final purchase. I am mainly referring to the rat snake and black racer since the Beauty Snake is not indigenous to anywhere in the U.S. you should be fine with that species. Just a thought...

SerpentineDream 10-05-17 01:00 AM

Re: Need help with a few breeders/vendors
Of all of them ReptMart is one that I have personal experience with and was one that people I trust actually knew and recommended.

I have had no problems with ReptMart and the animals I've gotten have been attractive and healthy specimens. They sometimes have unusual species, too. I got one of my black milk snakes from them and those are very hard to come by.

With regard to reviews on the BOI, I consider the charge leveled against a seller based on how serious it is, whether there is evidence to back it up, the seller's response and the reviewer's credibility. A charge of, "This snake arrived with SFD and here's the vet test to prove it" frightens me a whole lot more than, "He refused to stay open after hours for me."

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