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One lucky kid. Check this out.

This is one of the craziest stories I've seen in a while.
Snake photo: Mother takes toddler’s photo in VIC unaware monster brown snake is nearby
"I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person"
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Re: One lucky kid. Check this out.

That is crazy! thanks for sharing
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Re: One lucky kid. Check this out.

Just goes to show most snakes are not aggressive unless provoked...
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Re: One lucky kid. Check this out.

snakes don't hurt you if you're not being an *** to them, simply put. If the kid would of thought that huge brown snake has a funny tail and grab it, it would of shown her the business end of it up close. If you watch people handling venomous snakes, mostly with elapids, they get into a situation quite often where they are within striking distance of the snake. The very best thing to do is to sit still and not move. You do that, snake won't harm you, you panic or move, you're tagged. Unfortunately most people think the best thing to do is to poke the snake with a stick or otherwise chase it away and get themselves or others hurt.

And remember there's this guy; One man, four months - and a room full of snakes - Telegraph

Before spending 121 days in a locked room with 40 black mambas, cobras, boomslangs and puff adders, however, he had never actually handled a venomous snake

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Re: One lucky kid. Check this out.

The snake just had to ruin the picture and photo bomb it... Lol
Snakes. Lots of them.
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Re: One lucky kid. Check this out.

That was a good read lol. Crazy stuff!
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