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Wink Common problem bro no hard feelings.. this isn't grammer class and i am not getting marked on anythin so i just figure i am not going to spend my time worrying if people can understand a sentance when i have so many threads to read everyday all day, with all the slang and short forms of words people are using all the time people will get used to it ....(not reffering to anyone impoticular )but if you speak english and can't figure it out by reading the sentance then maybe you should have paid more attention in this is not a bash against ANYONE but is only and personal opinion...

have a good day everyone

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RE: Shoelace problem

After the little plastic piece comes off, burn the tips with a lighter. Let it burn for a few seconds then blow it out. When its still hot, I use my fingers to "mold' it. Works like a charm! (dont burn yourself)

My pet peeve are stupid warning labels that are manditory everywhere because we are surrounded by morons.


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lol, thanks for the tip on the shoelaces Ryan..
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Kathy that happens to me all the time! I have a group of reptile people most of whom just say hi and nothing else!
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(not reffering to anyone impoticular )
i think you mean 'in particular'.

but if you speak english and can't figure it out by reading the sentance then maybe you should have paid more attention in school
If you speak the English language, you should atleast be able to spell it. It really isnt that hard, so maybe YOU should have spent a little more time and attention in school. Especially around 3rd and 4th grade when they taught the majority of people how to read and WRITE in the English language.

No Offence though
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..enough about about something more important....

Jenn's Peeve of the Week:

Pet stores selling Chameleons, Bearded Dragons, etc. without stressing the importance of UVB lighting.

If I have to hear about, or see, one more chameleon or beardie being housed without UVB I am gonna go postal. It is not one or two cases of MBD I have seen in the past three months BUT MANY, MANY CASES. I have run out of fingers to count on! I don't know who to be more angry at, the salesperson for not educating the buyer on the particular reptiles needs and seeing that it goes home with EVERYTHING it needs, or the customer for not researching before purchase. It takes two secs to look something up in a book or on the internet. I also see a small percentage of owners who neglect this important lighting requirement because they are CHEAP..."do I really need this...I mean $100 just so it can catch some rays, thats more than the friggen animal".....


:skull: Jenn, who is going to calm down...
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Jenn, that's more than just a pet peeve, that's an actual issue and you are very right to be angry about it. The general public seems to think pet store clerks know everything about every animal they sell and that couldn't be further from the truth. Even when there is an entire wall covered with books about the animals!!

I hate pet stores! If I can't get it from a dollar store, a home improvement store, or through the internet, do my animals really need it?
The Zombie Mama is here!
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teK_n9ine you have got to be the rudest person to ever come on these forums and I am sure no one needs that sort of input unless I am mistaken and Jeff assigned you to play "Daddy" here?

Thought not.

If you don't like the people here, then why don't you leave?Otherwise your post was hurtful and mean.

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