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Re: What is on your wishlist?

I said Carpet Python down below, and now I'm considering a Super Dwarf as well after looking at the morphs available.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...
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Re: What is on your wishlist?

White Lip Pythons , Purple Goldenchild Retic , Hypo Burm , Many different monitor species , and a dwarf caiman (sadly caiman are illegal without a permit in Virginia)
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Re: What is on your wishlist?

My wish list....ooh this is fun because we have a reptile expo in town in a couple weeks! I want a thayeri, leonis, or gray banded king, okeetee corn snake (already have an amel and a tessera), African house snake, ball python (I don't have one yet!), western hognose and a sand boa.

I would love to set up some display snakes...I was lucky enough to get a CBB rough green snake who lives in a bioactive viv. So much fun to have a naturalist set up but they do take up more space. So I will have to add on to my wish list: a bigger house with a dedicated snake room and lots of space! Then I can have some nice good sized setups.
0.1 amel corn snake, 0.1 tessera corn snake, 1.0 pueblan milk snake, 1.0 CB spotted python, 0.1 CB rough green snake
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Re: What is on your wishlist?

Welllllllllll, if I had more room, I think I'd like another sand boa. Such chill little snakes. And maybe a hognose again (from a better breeder ). And a female cape house snake to go with my male. I'm sure I'm forgetting others. OH! A rubber boa.
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