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Smile New too snakes and reptiles, please give help and ideas.

Hi good people !

All my life i am a fan of animals. I had alot of animals from guinea pigs too fishes...but never a reptile and i really want to try one. The problem is i dont have space for a big terarium. The only possible size and the terarium i have is 30cmx30cm and 40cm in height.

Now i know the bigger is better ! Because i love animals i want to give them very happy life. So i am wondering, which snake or any other reptile can be housed in my size terarium thats aprox 10 gallons of space (30cmx30cmx40cm) and can be housed there their whole life !! i dont want something i can house for like a year and then i would have to move it to bigger space because i dont have a chance for a bigger terarium (for now) i would probably move to my own apartment but that would be like in aprox 3 years. I could build them 2 stories terarium or anything ! the only limit is my space.

So the question is which reptile/snake can i house in my size terarium their whole entire life ! not just babies. Keep in mind that i could take them out every day.

I am open to everything i love all animals.

Sry for my english i am from slovenia and please dont write hate comments about anything I am new to this forum and just asking for opinions and ideas. Thank you good people !
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Re: New too snakes and reptiles, please give help and ideas.

I would recommend a gecko. They are easy starter reptiles. I wouldn't put a baby gecko in a 10 gallon though. You're wrong about providing all reptiles with big spaces, this is actually quite stressful for them. Your tank needs to be proportionate, so a little baby gecko in a 10 gallon could result in them not eating from stress (as babies they're quite skittish because they're tiny and defenseless). If you're purchasing an adult gecko though, this housing would be adequate.
If you wanted a snake, I'd recommend waiting till you could get a 20 gallon. The 2 easiest starter snakes: ball pythons and cornsnakes require bigger tanks. I wouldn't recommend starting out with any other snake if this is your first time owning reptiles. I hope this helped.
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Smile Re: New too snakes and reptiles, please give help and ideas.

You could go with a kenyan sand boa. I hook trained mine because he always goes crazy when I try to grab him with my hands, but once he is out he is an awesome little snake. They stay very small and unfortunately spend most of their life underground so it is definitely not a show type animal. You could try a leopard gecko. It was my first reptile and they are amazing and funny little guys, they tolerate handling really well too.
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Re: New too snakes and reptiles, please give help and ideas.

I just started with a sweet baby corn snake. I have found out really quickly that they need more space than some places recommend. They are so sweet, though, and excellent tor beginners. So, if you get a bit more room (for a 20-30 gallon tank) you should have one. And a tank like that comes in a variety of models- one tall or wide or a corner tank even.
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ideas, need help, need suggestions

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