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Paige22 01-11-17 07:36 AM

My jaguar carpet python won't eat!
For the last 2 months, my jag hasn't ate. I've tried nearly every day for the last week n a bit, but she just won't go for anything. I don't know what to do? I'm getting worried about her and I don't know what to do. Please can someone help me! I don't know where else to turn too.

chairman 01-11-17 09:00 AM

Re: My jaguar carpet python won't eat!
Can you provide some details on how you're keeping him? Maybe a picture of the cage and description of its dimensions. Temperature on the warm side, temperature on the cool side, surface temperature of a basking spot (or directly on a heat mat)?

Also, info on the age/size of the snake. And what you're trying to feed it.

That'll give us a good start for offering suggestions.

EL Ziggy 01-11-17 09:21 AM

Re: My jaguar carpet python won't eat!
Stay calm Paige. Lots of snakes go off feed for lots of different reasons. It can be frustrating but it just comes with the territory sometimes. Like Chairman said, let's start by double checking your husbandry. What are your temps like? How old and how large is your carpet? Can you post a picture of the snake and it's setup? Lastly, don't offer food so often. When my snakes arent eating I offer food every 10-14 days until they're back on track. They all eat eventually. As long as your snake isn't showing obvious signs of illness, or losing a significant amount of weight, then she should be fine. Sometimes they dont eat much during the colder months or breeding season. It happens to the best of us. :)

Andy_G 01-12-17 08:38 AM

Re: My jaguar carpet python won't eat!
Like Ziggy said, don't offer food every day if your snake isn't eating. Continue to offer weekly or even every 2 weeks, and it will resume feeding when it wants to. This is not uncommon during the winter months and if everything else is ok and you've made no changes to husbandry or caging then don't sweat it.

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