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Old 02-23-03, 10:04 PM   #1 (permalink)
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New York Herp Law PLz read

New York state is trying to ban our exotic pets including snakes.
Please go to the link below and sign the petition.
Here is the websie
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Unfortunetly for those of us out side of NY state our names would have no weight. What you might consider doing is printing out a form and going door to door. I wouldn't mention snakes, rather just say "alternative pets" maybe have a picture of one of the cute fury exotics also on the ban list (like a suger glider). I know, makes it a little misleading but that way you don't have to fight two fights, you're just fighting the ban against exotics in general. Also visit the petstores and make sure they know about the bill, if they can show it would result in a serious loss of income it would add more weight to the argument. show that it's economically bad to ban these animals and you have a better chance.
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thanks for the suggestions
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I went to the NY state bill site and received no search results for the bill number listed or when i search for keywords. Is this post legit?

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Location: New York
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Here is the website to the actual bill
For those who dont think it is legit.
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Old 02-24-03, 03:34 PM   #6 (permalink)
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I dont think he was claiming that it was not legit. Just that the wearch was not working for the bill number so it brings some doubts. The internet is plagued with rumors and half-truths.
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Well I think that everyone owning any type of reptile should have to get permits to do so....... That is basicly what will happen in years to come...... Most people that own reptiles should not have certain animals....... And I am not just talking about venomous...... I am talking big pythons and boas and big iguanas and monitor lizards....... There should be restrictions...... What good does it do anyone for a 10 year old to have a 16 ft burm....... Should people not be allowed to keep what they want????? No way........ But there should be a way to weed out the bad apples....... That will keep us keepers that do everything right and follow the rules from having to worry about not being able to keep herps venomous or not.... I had to work my *** off to get permits so I can keep what I want...... I think everyone should have to do the same......
"A sure fire way for a government to lose control of something is for them to prohibit it."
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Old 02-25-03, 05:33 AM   #8 (permalink)
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i think it is insane how they are always trying to bann reptiles. my state has the strictest laws regarding reptiles you can find. amazon tree boas are illegal, green tree pythons, emerald tree boas, burmese pythons, retics, iguanas, monitor lizards of any type, just name it and i bet it is illegal.
gregg i totally disagree, people should be able to have what they want for reptile pets. i think that they should also have to pass a test at the pet shop where they get it. or if they get it from a breeder. they need to check to see if they know what they are doing.
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Yhea but in most cases the test giver (pet store) is worse than anyone when it comes to not knowing what they are doing.

If someone truely loves reptiles, and honeslty wants to put out the effort it takes to own one, then they should have no problem with a license. The bottom line is, not everyone should "have what they want" I want a croc but I can't have one because I am not in the position to care for one properly. But if I was, and I wanted one, getting a license that says I can properly care for that species would be a privledge to get, not a burden.

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I went to school in NY and I believe I have signed the petition. I don't think this bill ever amounted to anything, and I doubt it will anytime soon. Not that we shouldn't take it seriously however, i've seen this one floating around for a while and I don't think anything has happened with it in the time I've been herping.
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