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Pixie 02-23-03 09:38 PM

Help me name my new tarantula!
Thanks to Robert from Arachnomania I got this lovely new girl in my collection.

I just don't know what to name her! I have a couple of maybes (Nikita, Belle/a) but I'm not sure yet. I would really love to get some suggestions.


arachnomania 02-23-03 09:50 PM

I'm happy you enjoy your new familly member. Before I ran out of names to give to my tarantulas, I used to give them names having something to do with where that particular species is from or something resembling their latin or common name. Example that jumps to my mind would be the name I gave one of my Texas Brown. I don't know if you've ever watched the Survivor TV show but a couple years ago there was a guy from Texas and his name was Colby so "Voila", I named him Colby. Just an idea...

nuno 02-23-03 09:52 PM

Very nice!! :D

Soleil 02-23-03 10:23 PM

Wow! I'm not a big tarantula fan generally but she is beautiful.

I would definately go with Bella. It's my nickname for my daughter too.

Very nice.

marisa 02-23-03 11:39 PM

Yay! You must be loving her! She is beautiful!!!


nouserpif 02-23-03 11:55 PM

Aphrodite, some greek goddess... War, I believe it was, or Hunt and The Chase, or something. Someone...?

Anyway, I found greek mythological names suit herps/inverts horrible well. I have a Bearded named Odysseus, and a fantastic leaf tailed gecko named Prometheus... Somehow, they both like like their names :D
Maybe I'm a dork...
Dan Conner

Scotty Allen 02-24-03 04:22 AM

An old friend of mine once had a tarantula named "Snatch". You have only to watch a hungry one feed and you'll see how appropriate the name was.

marisa 02-24-03 06:42 AM


How big is she Pixie?


Pixie 02-24-03 08:02 AM

Nouserpif: I love the idea but Aphrodite was the goddess of love, it is Athena the goddess of war. But I'm not too crazy about Athena... I checked out the other greek goddesses and none of the names I found really fit...

I would like to find something that suits her color and maybe temperment but it's really hard to find asian translations for english words. Since this species originates from Asia namely Thailand and Laos, I was hoping to find out how to say blue spider or blue sky in one of those languages. Problem is, every foreign dictionary I look up, they only give me the translation that I want written in the original language. Now, for an english-thai dictionary. I can't see how it can remotely help an english person to know the translation of a word when all it comes up with is how the word is spelled like in Thai alphabet, how can I read that!!!

Marisa: Fully stretched out, her legspan is 4" but she is not as full bodied as other tarantula species like my mexican red knee. It's hard to say if she will grow much bigger, maybe fill out a little more. Boy, I can't wait for a molt from this girl!!!


Pixie 02-24-03 06:41 PM

Really need help with a name!
I still don't know what to name my new girl and it's driving me nuts!!!

Suggestions anyone? Pretty please :)

jason h 02-24-03 07:05 PM

blue bell

paolo_28 02-24-03 07:17 PM

Very Nice.

beth wallbank 02-24-03 08:14 PM

Ocienna....seagodess of the depths

marisa 02-24-03 09:39 PM well thats great! My Brazilian Birdeater is thinner in the body than my other T's I have had as well. It actually have a similar build to yours in the photo but he is ugly brown LOL

For names? haha I have run out of my own but I dunno maybe "Ocean" ? hahaha how original.


JeffT 02-24-03 11:13 PM

Lady Venom

Thats what i named kine when I had her

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