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Kurzix 02-18-03 10:48 PM

Herping vs Theology
This most likely will be a pretty heated thread, and I know talk about religion is typically frowned upon, but I mention it only because it is relevent.

As alot of you may know already, I had to move back in with my parents, and they forbid me from bringing my snakes with me. They claimed that a snake is an image of Satan and not to be allowed into my fathers house. (this is the point where i will note my parents are Southern Baptist).

Well to the point of my post, as herpers part of our responsibility is to educate people about all herps, and even snakes. So if anyone has any points I could use to try and overturn my parents or anyone else who objects to animals for religous reasons, I'd really like some help here. I think for this defense to have any chance with people like this quotes out of the bible would be needed to back it up.

To anyone religous who reads this, it is not meant to be offensive, I just want to be able to keep my herps!! after all they are just animals...or are they?

ReptileHQ 02-18-03 10:54 PM

Do they think you're a Satanist because you like snakes? just a Q to contemplate my advice, if any...


Kurzix 02-18-03 11:03 PM


Originally posted by ReptileHQ
Do they think you're a Satanist because you like snakes? just a Q to contemplate my advice, if any...


No, I don't beleive so, at least they haven't said as much to me. However when they told me their objection to the snakes they also mentioned "I know you won't understand now, but in time I hope you will"


nouserpif 02-19-03 12:20 AM

Hmmm... I believe religion should impair no decisions... You should be able to keep your snakes, especially if the only reason stopping you is your parents religion.

What about that moses dude, who threw his staff, and then it turned into a snake, ate two bad guys' snakes, and turned back into a snake? That was in the bible, wasn't it? Or was that in that Veggie-tales movie...

Whatever. I really don't think religion is anything to take TOO seriously... Look at it this way, these friggen fanatics give their lives for their religion, for the hope of salvation, and your parents (and probably your) religion won't allow you to keep an animal, because "It looks like a bad guy".
What sounds crazier?

Think about the animal, not about the idea of the animal. Doesn't God say something about not judging things like that, and that all animals are God's Creatures?

Ah whatever, I'm just remembering soem things from the bible, now I'm gonna have to go read it, so I remember what it says, or else it will bug me.

Just my Ranting...

Dan Conner

rethius 02-19-03 12:53 AM

"The book of Revelation, identifies "that serpent of old" as "the Devil and Satan" (Revelation 20:2). Does this mean that every serpent is satanic? No, there is no reason to believe that. If so, what did God mean when He gave Moses the sign of changing his rod into a snake (Exodus 7:9-12)? Was God using something evil to accomplish something good? There is no doubt that Satan's use of the serpent to tempt Eve has contributed to the overall disdain people have for this reptile. But to condemn every member of this family for that one incident is analogous to condemning every Jew because of the actions of a few in the crucifixion of Jesus..It's just not logical."(Tim Hall)

Tim_Cranwill 02-19-03 01:04 AM

I'm no religion buff but with what Rethius said about tempting Eve, shouldn't there be a hatred of apples as well? Maybe not. Like I said, I'm no expert, but the apple was the fruit that did us all in wasn't it? Do you parents allow apples in their home?;)

????? :) ?????

Lisa 02-19-03 01:06 AM

Some how I don't think any argument you present will sway your parents. Some people will say the earth is flat no matter how much proof you give that it's round.

norman 02-19-03 01:14 AM

i agree with its true though.

beth wallbank 02-19-03 01:43 AM

Doh!!! Beth, i meant to hit quote on your post and i accidentily hit edit!! argh!! Its to early for this! :( Sorry Beth...


Snake Lady 02-19-03 01:45 AM

Hey Kurzix!

Well i dont really think its fair that your parents are stereotyping snakes in a biblical way but anyways, i think they should maybe try to understand that they are living creatures also and should not be looked upon negatively.

As for the bible bf found a few. For example,

Amos 9:3, " And though they hide themselves in the top of carmel, i will search and take them out thence; and though they behid from my site in the bottom of the sea thence; will i commend the serpent and he shall bite them." (this proves that God used snakes to his own advantage so how can they be satanic creatures?)

Mark 16:12, " They shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly things it shall not hurt them, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover." (To me.. i interpret this as a biblical way of saying snakes help society. If you look in todays research snakes help farmers for rodent control for their crops, and snake venom has help create anti-venom to save peoples lives and also they are looking at maybe venom curing a lot of diseases.)

So basically if God did not intend for the serpent to be on this earth for us humans to admire and appreciate, he never would have instructed Noah to collect a male and a female to put on the arc.

Hope it helps and hope it shows your parents a new perspective of snakes but also be prepared because the Bible also catogarizes satan as a snake because its the only animal on earth that can kill its prey like satan can kill someones soul. Keep in mind that its only a symbol though...its not a fact because humans symbolizes things all the time and the bible was written by a human. For example.. X-mas/Christs birth=Santa Clause, Christs ressurection/Easter=Easter Bunny! So symbols dont mean anything!

:) Snake Lady & Chondro Python :)

Scotty Allen 02-19-03 04:32 AM

While I refuse to enter into political or religious discussions, Kurzix, I have to take your parents side on this one. Of course I do not agree with their beliefs but I feel that since you're living in their home, you're obligated to do so following their rules. I don't think you should waste any more of your time or breath trying to convert them in their beliefs.

Be thankful you have somewhere to live and deal with it till you can get on your feet and back out on your own again.

Just my biased opinion as a parent.

tHeGiNo 02-19-03 06:19 AM

Ok so if the government said you cannot have a T.V in your house, because they do "own" your house, and if they really wanted to they probably could kick you out and there would be nothing you could do about it. Wouldn't you at least try to fight for your TV? lol weird example but it works.

tHeGiNo 02-19-03 06:20 AM

Also maybe it is not just the snakes he is trying to get into his house, maybe he is also trying to clear the reputation of snakes as evil...

BILLP 02-19-03 08:10 AM

Maybe your parents are just scared and don't like snakes and the relegous thing is just an excuse to ban them from the house. So you may need to educate them on snakes in general. That they are not bad and slimy and mean.

beth wallbank 02-19-03 09:28 AM

doh!!!! jeff.......I was just getting warmed up!!!
Anyways, Kurzix, I think you should respect you parents rules, and hopefully you can find a sitter for your herps till you are back on your own.

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