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A kid said it best at a bible camp we took our reptiles to this summer. When we were discussing legless lizards and snakes losing their legs, one kid piped up "I don't think it was a snake that told Eve to eat the apple!" I asked him why not, and he replied "I think if Eve saw a snake in the garden, she would have run away. I think it was a cute little animal and God punished him for tricking Eve by turning him into a snake" Interesting way for an 8 year old to see it.
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I am a relegious person also. Christian to be exact, I have a 3 year degree in theology and I can tell you that snakes are not a symbol of satan.

The "being" that tempted eve in the garden had leggs. This is evedant in the fact that God condemed him to Crawl on his belly "Like a Snake". in the beginning he had leggs and therefore was not a snake and after it was condemmed to crawl on his belly it was LIKE a snake and therefore no a snake.

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hey that makes me think we do have a legles lizard on earth thers your satan....heheheheLOL. But that is quite a coincidence don't you think.
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So does that mean there were no snakes until Eve bit the apple?

Sure would be nice to think that something good came out of mankind losing the right to enjoy eternal paradise.
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