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Something to consider for the CBOI.

Major corporations such as hotel chains, airlines and the telecommunications industry no longer provide their employees with a letter of reference upon their departure from the company. No matter how stellar the employee was they simply flat out refuse to continue the practice. Why do they do this you may be asking? The reason is that corporations have been successfully sued by former employees who were unsuccessful in their next career choice, they have been able to prove in a court of law that it was as a direct result of the letter of reference provided by their former employer.
As a result companies have adopted a practice of saying yes or no to rehire. Here’s how it works; you are a big company and someone brings you a resume. You call their former employer not for a reference but to ask one simple question, would you rehire this former employee. If the answer is yes you say to yourself well if they are still good enough for them he must be good enough for us, or at least he left under good circumstances. Should the answer be no however, do you really need to know why? Most often simply knowing that their previous company does not want them in their employ any longer serves to create enough doubt in your mind to avoid them as a potential employee.
I think that we should do the same with this hobby/business. If someone that in “my opinion “ is credible tells me that yes they would buy from someone then that is good enough for me. If the same person says no, and I trust them, I don’t need to hear their reasons, their reason are their own. Those reasons however may be some that I would share given that the person saying yes or no is someone that I trust and respect. The person saying yes or no is the key to this whole process. If IBM says to Dell yes we would take him back that caries weight because both companies are on the same playing field. If Ford tells GM no we would not have him back that has got to raise an eyebrow at GM. Again the key this process is the credibility of the person answering the question would you by from this person?
So as long as the source is credible yes or no is all I need to hear.
Any thoughts?
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I agree, but then again it's nice to know what the problem is, because some are more serious than others. If someone tells me not to deal with someone, but they don't say that it's just because the person is a total jerk, then I may be losing out on a fine animal.

I do agree with you though, but it's not always easy to find someone who's dealt with that person before.

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If someone tells me not to deal with someone,
The idea is not that they tell you to, or not to deal with someone but whether or not they would deal with a person "again". The only way I would consider someones yeah or neah is if they have dealt with the person/dealer in question, and I feel that they have shown them selves to be trustworthy.
Thanks for the reply,
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