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I am in a tight spot and I need everyones help. If you can give me any advice, please do so to this question.
What can I use to treat my snakes that have mites?
Everyones opinion is greatly needed, so please help me.

Thanks Burmies
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Location: southern ontario
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nix diluted in water and bath your snake in it and it can be used to spray in your encloser as well
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u should think about purchasing provent a mite it works so well
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I spray newly acquired snakes with a solution of nix diluted in water. Works great.
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I use Provent-A-Mite myself and it works great. Be careful though, because it is strong stuff. Other methods sometimes seem to work, but then the mites come back (they weren't all killed). With provent-a-mite you don't have to worry about that. DO NOT SPRAY IT ON YOUR ANIMAL! only the enclosure and fllow the instructions carefully =)

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I have write-up about how to kill mites at my site, The method has worked quite well for me.

Good luck with getting rid of your mites!
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Personaly I don't like administering pesticides directly to my animals, I prefer to treat the enclosure instead. Provent-a-mite is harsh how ever it does work and it does pay to error on the side of caution, directions say to wait 15 minutes before returning the animal to the enclosure, I say wait 1/2 an hour to an hour for the fumes to dissipate.
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I agree with Lisa, wait for about an Hour for the fumes to disapear in the mean time soak your snake in luke warm water to help drown the mites. If you use Provent-a-mite I strongly suggest to read the instuctions before you use it there are some steps that have to be followed. eg.Waterbowl has to be removed from the enclosure...ect.
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first of do you live in Canada????
cauze last i heard provent-a-mite was not leagel in Canada if any one knows other wise tell me I need to go pick up a bottel
pure olive oil buter your animal up or make it soak in olive oil if i am right mights breath wiyh there buts and the olive oil blocks there respotory track they die and fall off no har done to the snake
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Chondro - Yep, provent-a-mite and black knight are legal here. Price is 30-50$. However I discourage the use of pesticides. If you follow the instructions and use it on healthy adult snake, though, it should be okay. I really liked Nix tho, it was easy and under 15$, and I felt safe using a product made for humans on my snakes.

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