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Need some help...

On a cornsnake forum I frequent we often discuss feeding in cage VS feeding in a tub for the purpose of keeping the snakes more "calm" and not inclined to bite your hand because they may have gotten conditioned from being fed in tank...

I haven't seen anyone give any real info either way to prove either method and maybe it cannot be proven and it has nothing to do with feeding methods but the individuality of each snake. But either way I would like to compile a large amount of statistical data from snake keepers regarding this subject. I am starting to work on the questions tonight and I will be posting it soon but

I would like some advice first. *Without* posting your personal views/thoughts on the matter itself, can anyone give suggestions as to what questions maybe more important than others to try and get the best data? I understand this may not amount to anything and it won't make a differance but I would still like to try and at least get it right from a statistical standpoint. thanks folks.

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hmmm...i'd be interested in the results.

how about:

1. how old was the snake when you got him and how many times did the previous owner/breeder feed him before you received him

2. how do you currently feed your snake?

3. did you ever feed it the opposite way (feed box then home box, or home box then feed box)

4. if so why did you switch

5. if you fed in a feed box, what is the ratio of times you got bit to times you fed that way ( bit three times in ten feedings) and now what is the ratio of bites to feeding

i did not think of wording on these, to make them sound proper but that is your job,

i would put up at the top to fill the questions out for ONE snake only, and if they have more they want to fill out then do it again. or you might have the first have of the questions answered by someone from the point of view of their relationship with their burm, and the second half of them with their boa. you might also ask them if they have had significant differences in the behavior of one snake to the other in feeding times.

hope this helps
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I don't think keeping the snake calm is the only plus to feeding in a tote. There's also the issue of substrate injestion, which can have deadly consequences.

When I got mine, he was already a year and a half and used to eating in totes. Now, he has outgrown his tote so this weekend I tried feeding him in the bathtub - no go. He'd cruise right up to the mice, smell them over, but then go on exploring. For some, if they have too much else to focus on (exploring), they'll ignore the meal.

I've never been bitten during feeding, but I take certain precautions, such as not using my warm, heat giving off hands to move him to/from tote to enclosure. I have been bitten by this guy once while doing an education presentation at a local middle school winter carnival, but I think he was just tired of having his picture taken with kids.
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we tend to feed in the tank except when we have multiple snakes in one tank.
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I do have a good start and I hope everyone will participate when I am done. I am keeping it short so hopefully more people will be inclined to answer all the questions. If anyone has any question suggestions that would be cool. I think it will be done tongiht. Hey it may be an informal survey but at least it will be interesting.

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