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good pets stores in edmonton??

i'm going to edmonton in march and was wondering if anyone in edmonton could recomend some nice pets stores i could check out and maybe any good tattoo places
thanks in advance
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Comming to E-town eh?

SsnakesS member Damien Aube has a pet store down town called AK Exotics. Jasper Ave and somewhere near 120 street.

There is Superpet in Mayfield common. They have some reptiles and snakes that are kept in "so-so" conditions. I would stay away from PJ's Pets on Gateway Blvd. They have a lots of snakes and reptiles but they are kept in horrible conditions and it just makes me sad. I'm sure there are other stores around here that have reptiles as well.

They have reptiles and snakes at the Valley Zoo. It's been so long since I was there that I don't remember much about it.

You should go down to Whyte Ave in the Old Strathcona area. Lots of shopping durring the day and lots of bars at night. I got my tattoos in a shop down there called Shambahalla. There are a few other tat shops in the area as well.

Have fun
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If you are looking for serious Tatoo work (not just "flash") I would check out the world famous Smiling Buddha Tattoo in Calgary AB. It is Paul Jeffries shop. He is considered by many to be one of the best artists in the world & definitely in the top ten for North America. Chances of getting work done by him might not be that great (he probably has to be booked months in advance?),but he most likely has some kickass apprentinces & his shop is always well spoken of. Anyway heres the ****: 2409 - 33rd Ave S.W. Calgary, AB (403)242-5922 :grab:
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I can't speak for Damien's store since I haven't been there yet, but the other pet stores in the area generally charge an arm and a leg for the animals. There is a 300% (sometimes higher) markup on their animals.
What were you looking for, exactly?
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Definately echo the recommendation for Smiling Buddah in Calgary - excellent custom work. Don't know any comparable in Edmonton.

For pet stores - they are typical of any major city - high prices, small cages, typical selection - if there are specific things you are after then someone on the list might be able to set you up with something. There are quite a few breeders here that may have what you are looking for.

If you are browsing then there are 3-4 PJs Pets and SuperPet which is same company different name, with herps - usually cal kings, few corns, frogs, small lizards. There are Scales and Tails, upper level just off Whyte Ave and Koi Pet store which are small private shops that may have some different herps e.g. Louisiana milksnake, Florida kings, etc. but all are quite high in price. Also a nice place in Sherwood Park - Family Pets or something similar that has always had nice clean, appropriate set ups for their herps, but only leopard geckos, corns, and bearded dragons. Great Koi though!

Enjoy the trip,

mary v
Mary VanderKop
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Damon(AK Exotics) has a great selection of herps in his store and really knows what he is talking about.I'd highly recomend him.Prices are fair good clean animals.Not one complaint about the snakes I have recieved from him.

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OOH!! OOH!!!
Chech out Eye of the Lotus for tattoos. The artists name is Anastasia and she is AWESOME!!!!!!

Eye of the Lotus
10653 116th Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5H3M1
(780) 424-7997

And check out Damien's pet store too, just be prepared to see the most hotwheels you have ever seen in your life. (I would't go to SuperPet, they are the same company as PJ's.. horrible.....) Scaled and Tails on whyte avenue isn't bad either.....
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thanks everyone !! i'm just browsing for pets as i'm not sure how a herp would hold up from a 14 + hour ride back to winnipeg if the weather is lousy. can you transport a snake in a car for a 14hour ride??? thanks andrea88 i'll go check out eye of the lotus really want another tat and a vacation is a good excuse to spend money
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Vince, you can easily bring back herps on a 14 hr drive. Just bring them back in a cooler with some heat packs. As long as you don't end up stranded on some Sask back-road, everything should be fine!

Just do it, man
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