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Old 02-04-03, 11:14 AM   #1 (permalink)
Join Date: Nov-2002
Location: Kawartha Lakes, Ontario
Age: 32
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wish lists

Hey everyone I was just wondering what everyones wish lists included. Heres mine, nothing to extavagent(spellig?)

1.2 ball pythons
1.2 black blood pythons
1.2 albino nelsons milk snakes
1.0 green phase burmese pythons
0.1 albino burmese pythons

thanks Darren
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Old 02-04-03, 11:19 AM   #2 (permalink)
Weather1's Avatar
Join Date: Nov-2002
Location: Hamilton/Niagara Region
Age: 45
Posts: 777
Mine is rather small

I would like a camien, an Amazon Tree Boa, and a Savanah Monitor.

That is all. I have the room for all but have yet made the move to buy... Soon I hope.

Anyone want to give any of these away?
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Old 02-04-03, 11:32 AM   #3 (permalink)
Dino's Avatar
Join Date: Jul-2002
Location: London On.
Age: 44
Posts: 266
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I could go on all day so I will only say what I want that is realistic!

0.0.1 Blood Python
0.1 Ball Python High Yellow/ Carmel/ Pastel
1.0 Amel motley corn
1.0 IJCP
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Old 02-04-03, 12:26 PM   #4 (permalink)
norman's Avatar
Join Date: Nov-2002
Location: Victoria
Posts: 549
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1.1 rainbow boas
0.0.1 savanah monitor
1.0 suriname redtail boa
1.1 ETB

hmf.... at least ill have the rainbows soon!
Pete and Jess share their home with -
0.1 Suriname Redtail Boa,1.1 Brazilian Rainbow Boas, 1.0 Ball Python, 1.0 Savannah Monitor, 2.2 Bearded Dragons, 0.1 Veiled Chameleon, 0.1 Leopard Gecko, 0.1 Smooth sided toad.
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Old 02-04-03, 12:54 PM   #5 (permalink)
Zoe's Avatar
Join Date: Mar-2002
Location: Ottawa
Age: 32
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umm I'd like some BRBs, some true red-tails, some eastern indigos, a peach throat monitor, an emerald tree boa and some more chams.

Good idea for a thread :P

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Old 02-04-03, 12:59 PM   #6 (permalink)
eyespy's Avatar
Join Date: Sep-2002
Posts: 2,125
Too long to list! First of all, an end to the stupid law against constricting snakes so I can achieve my wishes, then:

BP, normal will do just fine
Irian Jaya carpet
western hognose
1.1 volcano cornsnake
1.1 hypo bloodred cornsnake
1.1 Florida blue-sided garters
1.1 Blais flame garters
Cyclura lewisi x caymenensis hybrid iguana
Rhinoceros iguana
1.1 Frillies
Fire skink
A lovely army of dart frogs
The Zombie Mama is here!
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Old 02-04-03, 03:11 PM   #7 (permalink)
Kathy's Avatar
Join Date: Mar-2002
Location: Whitby, Ont
Posts: 358
first and foremost I want my dream dog, a show quality female German Pinscher. Cant get that til 2005... so until then I'll wish for a mex black kingsnake
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Old 02-04-03, 03:35 PM   #8 (permalink)
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ReptileHQ's Avatar
Join Date: Dec-2002
Location: Toronto, Canada
Age: 44
Posts: 431
1.2 Komodo Dragons
1.1 Tuataras
2.2 Leatherback turtles
1.1 Salt-water crocodiles
1.1 Hypo-reverse axanthic black-back slapjack het for monacle cobra ball pythons

I think that's it...LOL!

Specializing in rare & unusual Herpetofauna
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Old 02-04-03, 03:36 PM   #9 (permalink)
Join Date: Feb-2002
Location: Ottawa
Age: 37
Posts: 2,567
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Mine is dwarf caimens (palpebrosus or trigonotrus) LOTS of female savana.. and any morelia's!
1.3 Coastals 6.6 Jungles
3.4 West Papuan 1.0 Bred'ls
1.1 Yellow condas 0.1 Sebea

**looking for female Bredl's python**
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Join Date: Nov-2002
Location: Toronto
Age: 33
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I want one of those ball pythons to

1.0 dwarf retic
1.1 western hognose
1.1 black bloods
1.1 hogg island boas

Just to name a few
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Old 02-04-03, 04:05 PM   #11 (permalink)
ReneeB's Avatar
Join Date: May-2002
Posts: 612

1.0 Charcoal het Amel cornsnake
0.1 Amel het Charcoal cornsnake
0.1 Snow cornsnake
1.0 Anery cornsnake
1.1 Bloodred cornsnakes
1.1 Phantom cornsnakes
1.1 Ghost cornsnakes
1.0 Normal cornsnake
1.1 Hypo cornsnakes
1.1 Sunglow cornsnakes
[getting 0.1 Hypo and 0.1 Sunglow on Sunday]

What can I say.. I like my corns
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Old 02-04-03, 04:41 PM   #12 (permalink)
silke's Avatar
Join Date: Sep-2002
Location: Ontario
Age: 52
Posts: 582
oh YES eyespy - an army of dart frogs ! Absolutely
first, enough money so that i can buy a house and stay at home and look after the animals

a couple of different rosy boas
a rubber boa
an olive python
tangerine honduran
rough scale sand boa (eryx conicus)
jamaican boa
spotted python
white lipped python
sinaloan milk
black pine snake

i'm sure i'll have to add more when i remember them
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Old 02-04-03, 04:50 PM   #13 (permalink)
Join Date: Nov-2002
Location: Kawartha Lakes, Ontario
Age: 32
Posts: 24
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I forgot a couple

1.2 yellow ackies and 1.2 surinam redtail boas
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JeffT's Avatar
Join Date: Sep-2002
Location: Calgary Alberta Canada
Posts: 1,276
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Ball Pythons and Veild Chameleons!!
1.1 Gehyra Vorax 1.0 Golden Gecko 1.0 Oedura Monilis 1.1 Green Tree Frogs
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Join Date: Dec-2002
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Age: 29
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Hmmm... that's easy!

dwarf caimen
papuan olive python
dwarf reticulated python
mollucan scrub python
west african gaboon viper
false water cobra
tropical tiger ratsnake
pair of mandarin ratsnakes
pair or trio of kimberly rock monitors
nile monitor or sumatran water monitor
pair or trio of crested geckos
chondro python
black white-lipped python
indigo snake
jungle carpet python

I think that's it... all I can think of for now ^_^
Who are you callin' a freak?!
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