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jd_terrariums 03-09-05 10:13 PM

Red tail racer rat snake

The pictures were tooken during feeding time.
If your looking for a fast and aggressive and smart snake .. a good practice for a hottie , this is the snake to get . I've handled lot's of ETB's and green tree's but this snake makes my heart beat ten times faster.... i've told my self that if i could go a year without getting bit i would be ready to get a hottie ... i didnt last a week. extreamly hard to keep in captivity but knock on wood my trio is doing great......

enjoy the pictures thank's for looking

kpugh 03-09-05 10:34 PM

Yeah, they can be nuts! We had a trio for quite a while, and I bled quite frequently. The one female went down hill on us after several years of good health, and we eventually lost I agree that they can be hard to keep....we ended up selling the other two a while later. Anyway, they are really neat snakes, and I like your pics.

I'll see if I have any pics of ours on file....looking...ah! here we go...lets see if it works...

kpugh 03-09-05 10:36 PM

When we had them they were known as red tailed green ratsnakes...I know they changed the latin name at one point, did they change the common name too? I am probably just really out of the loop!

varanus69 03-09-05 11:37 PM

i struck a deal to get an adult 1.2 from florida but than i found out the are banned in alberta :( oh well. i love these snakes

galad 03-09-05 11:47 PM

Awsome snake. Such a nice green colour.

good luck with em'



Desert Ambush 03-12-05 10:14 PM

How much do they go for?
Can you tell me how much do they sell for cause this is an amazing snake and a fast striker to work with. I have looked at care sheets and I still want more info from someone that has some specimens that they work with.

Katt 03-13-05 03:05 PM


Best of luck with your trio! I hope you produce babies. I'd love to get CBB of these are WC's just aren't any fun.

Simon 03-13-05 09:32 PM

Awesome looking animal!!

Those are definatley one of the best looking snakes around~~~

mrodge 03-13-05 09:34 PM

thats incredible how much do they go for

reptiles4life 03-17-05 08:10 PM

nice snakes

jd_terrariums 03-17-05 08:23 PM

Thank you for all your comments..... yes they are fast in deed .. and very high maintanance... I find the key to keeping these snakes is at a low temp in the low 80's with high humidity and minimum visiability for the first year.. As for the set up of the terrarium i reccomend lots of brenches and lots of cover. Substrate I would recommend news paper or paper towel... due to the fact that their immune system is low comming in from the wild ...And highly stressed..... so to minimizing infections..I find that is the best method used. I also recommend feeding small prey. As far as care sheets there are'nt that many out there... As for the price the vary depending on Availability, that is also rare at times ... average price for them is around $250.00.

crackedcorn 03-19-05 07:32 PM

Nice picks. Any trouble getting that knot untied in the 1st pic? :) I agree with Katt, once there are some cbb's around these snakes will get very popular?

Paul_Begg 03-19-05 07:42 PM

Nice pics fella, when u breed them let me know!!! lol

jd_terrariums 03-20-05 03:17 PM

Thank you.

will do ..........................

Bram 04-15-05 05:55 PM

One of the most fierce ratsnakes! the most freaked out animals I've worked with.

Unfortunately I don't have them in my collection, because I have a 6 feet max limit. But the time I had the honor to get a specimen out of it's vivarium... It took me 45 minutes armed with a hook. Took four shots at me but fortunately they missed! The snake managed to escape from my pin all of the time cause my friend had bamboo (round and smooth) and hydrogrit (sorry I'm dutch so it's a free translation....) and those are little round grit like balls with containe water much longer for the huminity. But I've succeeded!

Ow in my opinion they share there place in the most freaked out charts with the spilotes pullattus! Have seen a specimen eat 3-4-5 adult mice after eachother without constricting!

Bram, the dutchman!

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