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Question DeKay's as well

Hi, seems like i'm not alone... I'm looking for a DeKay's snake for my daughter who really wants one - she feels they are much "cuter" than most others out there - any advice on finding one? Alternatively, any other advice for snakes that would be good for a first time snake owner? Much appreciated!
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Re: DeKay's as well

Dekay's are small and cute but generally don't make the best "pet" snakes. Because they are small they require special diets of small food, and keeping one is generally akin to keeping a pet tank of dirt.

If a small snake is what you are looking for then hognose and Kenyan sand boas are good options.

Medium size snakes that might be good include corn snakes, king snakes, and rosy boas. There are probably a couple I'm missing but these are good beginner snakes. I'd personally recommend corns as they tend to tolerate handling very well.

Beyond that, ball pythons, carpet pythons, and central American boas also make good beginner pets.

Realistically, if the snake is for your daughter then hop onto a site like Morph Market, browse snakes, then purchase a snake that she likes that you also like. Because let's be real, 90% of the time the kid's pet ends up being your snake.
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