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New Brown snake help

This is the snake that has brought me back to keeping snakes. He was caught by a coworker as is entered into the building seeking warmth this past week. Unfortunately, the weather took a sharp turn and went pretty cold real quick, so I decided to keep it.

This little guy is about as big around as a wax worm right now.

What can I feed him since slugs and other normal prey items are scarce due to cold? I can get wax worms locally and have heard that they are ok to use. I might be able to come up with more food items if I know what else can be used.

Here's a picture of the little guy.
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Re: New Brown snake help

I used to keep these guys. They eat earthworms readily. I would suggest using European nightcrawlers rather than red wigglers, as the latter exude a bad tasting substance, that some believe to be toxic. Uncle Jim's worm farm is a good source.
You can try wax worms, but I have my doubts as to whether the snake would eat them. They aren't very nutritious, either.
Brown snakes do well in a planted vivarium. They like to climb in the plants. They are great at escaping, though, so every tiny opening or crack must be covered.
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Re: New Brown snake help

Buy earthworms from PetCo and cut them up. Brown snakes are adorable. Good luck.

When the weather warms up, lay wooden logs and other items in a shady part of your yard. Small worms will inevitably take up residence underneath the objects, and all you have to do is peel off the items, pluck out a few worms, put the item back and more worms will show up.

I've had small worms show up underneath plastic pots and planters I've lazily left out in my yard. They'll even show up underneath pots that are sitting on my concrete walkway.

You have to make sure you're not using chemicals in your yard and that anything your neighbors might be using are contaminating your yard.
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Re: New Brown snake help

Thanks guys!

I just got back in from a slug hunt in my yard. I was taking my dog out and I noticed a slug near the grass clippings pile that I had made earlier in the fall. It was very productive, I was able to collect about 30 slugs ranging in different sizes. I plan on setting up a breeder tank in my basement and see if I can raise these guys, or at least produce a supply that will last me through winter. I will try to feed one later tonight and see if I can capture a video of it.

None of my neighbors use any chemicals around me so they should be pretty safe.
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