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Can a green snake & garter stay in same tank?

I have a young Green snake and a 1 1/2 year old garter. Garter is friendly and green snake is too young to tell his personality. So far so good. Is there anyway they could live in the same 30g habitat. They have lots of hiding places. Thanks.
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Re: Can a green snake & garter stay in same tank?

Could they? Sure. My primary concern would be that as the garter gets bigger, it may be more inclined to eat the green snake. Garters aren't big snake eaters, but I definitely wouldn't put it past a hungry garter to try and chow down on your green snake at some point or another.

That aside, the green snake could become stressed out by living in such close quarters with the garter, as garters are very active and greens tend to stress easily in captivity anyway. A 30g may seem large, but for two snakes (especially as adults), it isn't that much space.

This is actually a combo I'd say is more on the safe side than some other cohabitation scenarios. I'd still advise against it in that small of a tank though.
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Re: Can a green snake & garter stay in same tank?

They are both arboreal or semi arboreal so they will definitely come into contact with one another. They both are very active and diurnal also. I own both, 2 of each. You can definitely keep 2 green snakes of same sex(they will breed) together or 2 garters together of similar size and same sex. I believe care sheets recommend a 55 gallon for 2 adults.
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