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Newer to snakes. Looking for advice

So my wife recently got a ball python, and I have been doing research trying to find a snake that I really really would like for myself. I seem to have settled on a false water cobra. My only concern is that I have came across some conflicting information about ease of care. Some sources say that they are quite easy to care for. Others say that they are more of an advance snake to care for. I am not an impulse buyer by any stretch of the imagination. I want to do my do diligence to make sure that any animal I bring into my home is properly cared for and enjoys a long healthy life.
So for anyone with experience with FWCs. Please help me by filling my in on the more difficult aspects of caring for these animals. Being unprepared is that last thing I want.
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Re: Newer to snakes. Looking for advice

Iíve had my FWC for two years and havenít had any real issues except with keeping the humidity up in its enclosure; if you donít, youíll have some really spotty sheds and also some stuck eye caps. Just ask me how I know! Youíll also need a water pan for him to soak as he grows. I have my ~6í FWC in a 4íx2íx20Ē enclosure on cypress and repti-bark substrates.

Other than that, heís been a great feeder.
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Re: Newer to snakes. Looking for advice

Their husbandry isn't difficult. They tend to have a healthy appetite and can be displeased by their keeper.

From anyone I know who's kept them, they love them. I say look into it a little more and see if you can meet some in person before purchase to truly see if it's something you want.
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