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Zevil 07-11-19 08:17 AM

Baby wolf snake
So my friend caught a small wolf snake stranded in an urban area close to a forested area. And he gave it to me. I fed it two frogs on the second night and the frogs disappeared. I assume it ate them..

The problem is it's very skittish and kept trying to bite me. If I handle it daily will it eventually stop?

ClockwerkBonnet 07-11-19 12:00 PM

Re: Baby wolf snake
Welcome to the forum! I would say you give it time to settle down in its new cage before you begin handling it.

craigafrechette 07-11-19 12:33 PM

Re: Baby wolf snake
I would say let it go. If you want a pet snake buy from a breeder. Wild caught specimens can be riddled with parasites

Zevil 07-12-19 07:38 PM

Re: Baby wolf snake
It actually escaped. I can't find it anywhere.

Zevil 07-12-19 09:18 PM

Re: Baby wolf snake
It escaped. I'm worried that my mum would find it and get terrified. It's a harmless and small snake but it's very defensive and prone to biting. I search all positive places it could be but I found no trace of it.

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