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New snake first time owner need advice


Iíve got myself a Mexican black kingsnake and Iím wondering if my tank setup is adequate. I have an under tank heating pad and Iím not feeling that itís enough, the thermometer stays around 72 ish. Iím wondering if itís just too high. Iím wondering if getting a heat lamp would be wise? Itís about 70 in the room and the pad is on the right side.
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Re: New snake first time owner need advice

Is the whole cage 72 degrees or is the right side warmer than that? Is the thermometer controlled by a thermostat?
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Re: New snake first time owner need advice

Ok, so it sounds like you could use some tweaking...

You should have multiple temperatures.
1) hot spot of roughly 86-88. Achieved using a heat mat...VERY IMPORTANT...ALL HEAT SOURCES MUST BE REGULATED BY A THERMOSTAT.
Getting this temp reading should be done with a temp gun measuring the actual surface temps, not the substrate, since your snake will burrow and reach the actual glass. I'm guessing that surface temp is MUCH higher than 72 as unregulated heat mats can spike to 120. These temps can cause serious burns or even kill your snake.

2) cool side temp is the 75 range.

3) roughly 80-82 for an ambient temp. This will need to be achieved using a heat bulb or a CHE (ceramic heat emitter). ALSO MUST BE REGULATED BY A THERMOSTAT.

It's extremely important to get your temps right. With your temps there is a risk of respiratory infection, or your snake refusing to eat. If the snake does eat, it needs proper temps to digest or you run the risk of the snake regurgitating it's meal.

This is why it's highly recommended to have done ample research and have your setup and equipment running prior to bringing an animal home.

But not to worry, we'll get you on track.
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