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is my cornsnake sick?

For the past two days my 6 year old male cornsnake has been pooping/peeing very frequently. For some backstory: He was last fed on March 30th, 7 days later (April 6th) I checked on him and he was in blue, I don't feed when he is in shed. He shed on April 10th and after he shed I started noticing him having really aggressive poops. By aggressive I mean when he is passing this material there is a lot of gas involved. It woke me up on the night of the 12th, 13th, and today (April 14th) I saw it happen during the day. It was clear/white in colour.

Im not sure if this is normal. Im not sure if it's possible for them to get gastrointestinal problems from either a mouse or maybe their water?

I was reading something about breeding behaviour but I have never once witnessed him passing material this frequently.

If anyone has any answers please share! I haven't fed him yet I was going to feed him today but don't know if that will make things worst, any thoughts? I will take him to the vet if there is cause for concern.
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Re: is my cornsnake sick?

Frequency or amount of flatulence would not indicate any issues. This would also have nothing to do with breeding behaviour. Sometimes when source of water or source/type of food changes these things can occur for a couple of weeks, and sometimes they can occur randomly but tend to not persist. Only be worried if there is blood present in what is being passsed or consistently runny/otherwise abnormal stool is being passed.
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