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Neon Aurora 10-24-18 02:07 PM

New Additions!
I just wanted to show off my two new friends.

I recently bought a set of display cages and vowed to fill up those spaces and not allow myself any others. So that's what I've done. These two are my last reptiles I'm allowing myself for the foreseeable future. I plan to be going to grad school across the country, so limiting myself is very important for right now.

I thought about getting something less commonly kept, but you know, in the end I wanted some reasonably small snakes that would be easy to deal with so these two seemed like great picks. =) They are commonly kept for a reason.

So first up is my new Western hognose. She is a female albino 50% het axanthic (not that is matters to me, I'm not breeding). She was a bit outside of my price range, but I wanted her because I've never had a hognose before and she has a really great temperament. Very bold and curious, not hissy or defensive at all. The breeder had her on a sardine-scented f/t pinkie every 4 days, so I'm planning to stick to this schedule. Apparently she was taking unscented pinkies but started to spit them back up. So I'll keep her on the sardine scented ones for a few feedings and then we'll try without it. She was due to be fed today, but since she just arrived I will try tomorrow.

And since I already blew my budget, I said screw it and also got this lovely corn snake. I was taking care of my sister's corn snake who had cancer in her final days. Once she was gone, I missed having her around. So I got this guy as well. He is a male hypoberry (I guess that is strawberry and hypo) anery tessera with some various hets that I don't care about because I'm not breeding. Anyways, I love the colors on him. I think he is very pretty. He is eating a f/t pinkie every 4 days as well.

I just snapped a few pics when I took them out of the box. They are no settling into their homes in quarantine.

Like I said, these are my last new additions. That brings my collection to 1 male yellow anaconda, 1 female rosy boa, 2 female leopard geckos, 1 female Western hognose, 1 male corn snake, and 2 white's dumpy treefrogs (a male and a female, I think).

By the way, the pictures really do not do them justice. Since I want them to settle in, I just snapped quick ones under the white fluorescent lighting of the room. Once they are all settled and eating well, I want to take them into natural light for some pictures. =) The hog looks so orange in her pictures when she is actually quite red.

ClockwerkBonnet 10-24-18 09:54 PM

Re: New Additions!
Those are some gorgeous animals! A corn snake is on my wish list for when I'm older and more experienced.

EL Ziggy 10-25-18 12:44 PM

Re: New Additions!
Awesome additions. That hoggie is too cute and the corn is spectacular too. Hope to see lots more pics as they grow.

Neon Aurora 10-25-18 12:49 PM

Re: New Additions!
Thanks, you two. =D

There will definitely be more pictures as they grow. I'm so excited to have them!

Both of them ate for me today, so I think they are settling in very well. I think I might try an unscented pinkie for my hoggie's next meal because she took the sardine scented one very eagerly.

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