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Non-breeding females laying eggs common?

Something I've been wondering. I've heard about this happening with female ball pythons laying eggs despite never mating or even being near a male but was under the impression is was very rare. However recently I bumped into a few mentions that egg laying is more common in colubrids? Can anyone verify how true this is and how much of a concern it should be? Is there a certain age this tends to happen? I've read some people stating it's seasonal while others say it's completely random.

I'll be getting my female russian rat snake 2-3 months from now and admit I'm worried if I may ever have to worry about her being egg-bound. I've read how it can be as simple as soaking and massaging the snake to help pass the eggs, or as complicated as needing to have the eggs aspired or surgically removed which is what I'm most afraid of. To the point I'm starting to wonder if I should get a male instead.

Are the chances of this happening rare or actually pretty common to expected? How often? Is it as scary as it sounds? Or am I overthinking this? Is it easy to spot if my female ever gets egg-bound? will she get more aggressive?

If anyone knows or has experience with colubrids laying eggs can you share your feedback and experience? Or recommended resources I could look into?

Sorry for the loads of questions everyone! I'm just trying to make sure I understand what I may get myself into beforehand. Thanks!
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Re: Non-breeding females laying eggs common?

It is somewhat common with female colubrids. I have had rats, kings, milks and pines do it, and the female bull I have did it yearly for her previous owner. I don't think it is something you should focus on but it is worthwhile being aware of.
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