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Re: Late Holiday Purchase...

I wouldn’t worry too much about the bad shed, after the stress induced from shipping and new environment combined with lack of water it was more or less to be expected.

Originally Posted by Scubadiver59 View Post
Defecation has also occurred twice since I receive the snake. Problem was that it's in web sphagnum and I can't get a sample to get to the vet to check for parasites; so, either I get a clean sample the next time or I just take it to the vet for a check up nonetheless. Probably the best option, the latter, but I was trying for a fecal sample as well. Maybe I'll get lucky (?) and get another one before its visit comes around.
I would just get some of the feces, regardless if there is some moss still attached or not, it should not matter for the lab/vet.

Originally Posted by Scubadiver59 View Post
Final note is that I got tagged putting in a larger water bath just before the snake shed. Now then, some of you might question that for a snake that's arboreal, but it was soaking part of its body in the smaller bowl I had in the cage at first and I thought it would totally submerge if it had a larger "bowl". I never did see it in there, but it helps keep the humidity up since it's under the light and helps with evaporation.
I am not surprised, my snakes spend sometimes days totally submerged in their water bowl and not only before shed or after meals. It took them some time to realize what a water bowl is, but since then they use it on a regular basis as their swimming pool.

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