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Re: Sylphie's colubrids (pics heavy)

Orion and Artemis are both stunners. You sure can pick em Sylph.
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Re: Sylphie's colubrids (pics heavy)

Originally Posted by EL Ziggy View Post
Orion and Artemis are both stunners. You sure can pick em Sylph.
Thanks! After 4 years of owning snakes I realized I have much more "mature" approach now. I no longer jump on every occassion just because it's a deal, on the contrary, we sold all the ones that were nice looking but we weren't really attached to them. Now I like seeing pictures of all the species but I'm really picky about what to get for myself

I also noticed that I love all the ball, corn or hognoses morphs, but at the end of the day I look at my normals/wildtypes and I feel that I like them best of all the color variants. Shame the market is already flooded with normals as I don't want to breed and add to the unwanted babies lists.

To be honest less is better in my case too, when we were approaching 20-30 reptiles it was fun but now that we have around 10 it's a lot better for me. I can take better care of each of them and just enjoy watching them not having to worry where to place that one who outgrowed his enclosure or thinking how much the next mice order will costs. They became my pets again instead of just a "collection" and that's most important to me.
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