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Re: Baron's racer questions

Originally Posted by TRD View Post
I had a better reference by Fry about a whole series of front and rear fanged snakes where it was easy to compare the different venoms and their toxicity but I seemed to have not saved it in my bookmarks (crap because that was a nice link), but here's another one by specifically on the baroni from 2016;

I'll check on this grooved vs non-grooved thing, I was in the understanding they weren't grooved... if they are I stand corrected.
Thank you!

About the grooves – if the pictures are correctly labeled (which I assume is the fact) then the grooves are clearly visible.

From personal experience the snakes I keep are still not large enough to bring their fangs into play as long as you don’t give them time to chew on you. If they might grow to a size as I have seen in the Frankfurt Zoo of something about 180 cm (6 ft.) this might dramatically change and I will treat them as potential dangerous, I don’t want to check their toxicity in a self test…

1,0 Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli, 1,2 Gonyosoma oxycephalum, 1,2 Philodryas baroni, 1,2 Spilotes pullatus, 2,1 Spilotes sulphureus, 0,1 Gonyosoma boulengeri, 1,1 Zamenis longissimus, 0,1 Malpolon sp., 1,1 Malpolon monspessulanus
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Re: Baron's racer questions

Nope that would not be a good idea

There's a series of photographs of someone intentionally envenoming himself with P. olfersii venom.. he got hospitalized for 5 days with edema going from his lower arm (where he had the snake bite him) all the way up his chest and back, bruising up, and blisters forming on some parts of the skin. He was sent home after 5 days still being completely bruised up from the experience.

It's not that graphic, so if you're interested in "how it must be like", here you go: EDIT (better link)

Apparently after 10 days his arm was still swollen up... lol.
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