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Time for an update…

As some of may know I kept a pair of Spilotes pullatus for a friend of mine who could not keep them any longer because of some extensive repairs he had to do in his old home where he originally kept the snakes. In 2015 I was still searching for a female for my male so he suggested to loan his pair to me for two years. I could try to get my male (or his) to breed with the female and he had enough time to do his repairs. I got his pair in February 2015. Unfortunately my male died a short time later because of an inflammation in his bowls (gastroenteritis) which didn’t show any symptoms until a few hours before his death, so I had only the pair of my friend left.

In September 2015 I got a WC female from French Guiana and in June 2016 another pair also WC from French Guiana. The first female was kept together with the pair from my friend and I planned to keep the new pair in quarantine until my friend would get his snakes back (which was supposedly a little more than 6 month, so just about right for WC animals).

A few month later my friend told me that he was unable to take his snakes back because of some personal reasons. He offered me to buy the snakes, otherwise he would give them to a zoo who already kept Spilotes. I was really tempted to buy the female, but decided against it in the end, because my enclosure is OK for three snakes, but another female might have pushed it and I don’t have enough room for another large enclosure. So he made the arrangements to hand them over to the zoo.

It took much longer for the actual handover because of a persistent infection with some worms, which took several treatments to get rid of, but finally I brought them to the zoo. They are now in quarantine, but if you are in the vicinity of the city of Dortmund (eg visiting the Terraristika expo in Hamm) you could visit the Dortmund Zoo and the Amazon house there and have a look at the pair I kept for more than 2,5 years.

The male

and the female

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Re: Change...

Very nice snakes!
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Re: Change...

Beautiful critters there Roman.
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