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Re: pines are here

The male kind of backs away like he will bite if he really has to but he'd rather not and when picked up he'll mildly look for an attempt to carefully leave. That female doesn't care if she's a few ounces big and can't draw blood yet. I do think I had to break a little blister on the skin of my thumb from her tiny teeth yesterday. If she's only sitting content in her hide she usually can be picked up for a minute without any fuss and then put back but it only takes her 5-10mins to find something she needs to be defensive about. Then she won't give an inch and sit on my flat palm going nowhere while threatening my thumb. Bold will probably make a nice, confident snake to watch and handle when she grows up a little. Even if she has to make herself known occasionally.

The new female kankakee on the other hand is the most chill pit I have ever seen. She'll flee sometimes when she doesn't want handled but the one threat from her since I picked her up out of the bin at the breeder's and have had her in the enclosure was some noise at the cat helping unpack snakes while she was in a pillow case still. Since seeing cat lay next to her heat lamps she completely goes about her own business as if it isn't there. No one and nothing bothers her and she simply eats everything you give her with no fuss. My only issue with her is she went through my drainage system and I've got material 3' out from the ledge she's excavating under so it has to be redone before full bioactive setup. I have an equivalent size proven digger in one cage and considerably more mass and strength in the other that found it not worth it when they ran out of soil but it turns out my base setup for bioactive is still not bulldozer proof.
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